Thursday, October 12, 2017

GTX 1050 GPU upgrade

So the dude upgraded his GPU, from basic to mid-rage. This investment was to get usable Blender Cycles rendering, and certainly not for fun and games.

Post upgrade I noticed a big increased idle power consumption. It went from about 50W (on the basic GPU) to about 100W after the upgraded to the GTX 1050 card. Such is life.

Well, I just figured out that if you pull the plugs or otherwise disable in Settings/Display all but the main monitor, then the power usage goes down nicely.

BTW, I started monitoring my power with the SONOFF POW module.

Photos: new card and three monitor desktop config

Screenshot: 92W, 3 monitors connected, 1 monitor in use.

Screenshot: 67W, 3 monitors connected, 1 monitor in use, 2 monitors disabled.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017


If you decide to venture in this direction then here are some important and not obvious points:

  1. You will need a GPU card. Just about all motherboards come with builtin video outputs and some kind of GPU, however because AMD Ryzen chips have no GPU unlike their common socket AMD APUs (which have a mix of GPU + CPUs) means that there is no GPU capability, hence the mobo graphics sockets will give you just a black screen.
  2. Reset your monitor from the monitor menu. I was trying to figure out why the edges of the screen were cropped and wasted time on a variety of exotic workarounds, only to find that a monitor reset did the trick.
BTW, Ubuntu works fine.

Chairman Mao (10) - Stir fried cabbage with pepper and hot chili

  • Stir fried cabbage with pepper and hot chilli
  • Pickled beans (appetiser)
  • Xiang Quan / fine spirit from Hunan Province

Friday, September 08, 2017

Try Google Web Designer

  1. open terminal:
    ALT+CTL+T to open termainal
  2. download:
  3. install:
    sudo dpkg -i google-webdesigner_current_amd64.deb

(You may need to reboot after installation for the app icon to appear in your apps unless you prefer to fight the machine. The first run took a bit to start up, maybe because my wifi connection was delayed after reboot.)

GWD was released 2015 ( How did we miss it? Possibly because we weren't interested in ads back then.

I had a go.

... and for some fun