Friday, August 21, 2015

bags belts hangers fastfood

More blue Ikea bags, a hanging rail to experiment with A1 prints, and roof rack straps to be used as an inexhaustible source of belts for my pants.

An overpriced corn and a cup veg balls at Ikea.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

#instaspam It's called Art. Look it up.

2015 notnewmandotcom rebrand

I started changing to a wider format, so that photos look better. Also it was time to change the look and iconography of my work brand. The blue black artwork was inspired by a relatively quick graphic experiment. I should have taken screenshots of before and after, but only have the after.

2015 notnewman materials

2014 notnewman materials

The trouble is that after going though the process of creating the electric blue theme, I realised that deep blue is a problem for print. Printing uses CMYK, not RGB, and a proof print demonstrated to me that blue can be a real problem, as it can get de-saturated severely. So I had to change direction for the business card, and will probably need to revisit everything else to match. But will see how the cards look when they get delivered, and what happens next.

The newest version uses a string CMYK pattern. It will either leave a lasting useful impression on my clients, or induce visceral shock.