Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to connect your android to an old BO HIFI AUX DIN socket

Recently an old Bang Olufsen system found it's way onto my desk. No doubt it will end up in landfill like all the others, but for now it will serve me as a desktop speaker, for the pleasure of enjoying music. BeoSound Century.

The problem to overcome was how to connect the phone to it, as the old system does not provide any contemporary connectors. But it does have a 7 pin DIN socket and an AUX button, and so with a bit of experimenting, I quickly found where to poke my audio wires.  With a bit of blutek to keep things in place at the back, it does the job for now.

Here are the pins:

Friday, January 08, 2016

2016Q1 resolutions


DONE delete/unsub all social, instagram, plus, youtube, theloop. keep linkedin, keep blogs [ left most content as too much work to delete 100s of items individually, leaving content and platform to go stale ] [revision, reactivated instagram, but not looking at it]
DONE sunset notnewman [ tabs removed, cut down to blog; to not renew domain; delete pricing and contact, revert blog to blogspot, remove pricing ]
DONE keep twitter as industry social

Friday, January 01, 2016

#instaspam from dots

This thing does not know what it wants to be.

#instaspam symb4

badideas 2016

For 2016, continuing the tradition of noting crappy disconnected brain farts.

This list of pickled ideas will grow throughout 2016.

  • It is the year of earcorn.
  • Dogs really are like their owners
  • Say diminutive, without adding extra syllables.
  • As a creative, all I do is make oodles of doodles.
  • We just want coolhunter shit.
  • Corn in a cup breaks the retail corn cob price madness.
  • In e=m c2, c is celeritas, Latin for speed. The other idea is c for constant, but that's not informing.
  • Apply the Thefuckwhy test.
  • Use HD aspect ratio for pdf ebook, because ebook are viewed on phones or tablets which are now dominantly HD panels. If printing, resize to fit, with the margin left as is or cut to HD.
  • Creative title generator: Any idea can be addressed by two word adjective noun (not always) factors, like (Focal Synergistic...)(Buzz  Strategy...). This is about THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, about HOLISTIC SYNERGY, about MANIFESTING DISAGGREGATIONISM, about SIGNAL PURITY.
  • We tend to forget that people in human civilization operate purely as a profit and loss entities (profit centers), as individuals or as leveraged aggregates. Individual wage earners have a few days to survive; individual salary earners have a few months to survive; the rich can survive forever by leveraging asset portfolios. Entrepreneurs span the range, out of necessity and nature. Beyond sleep, resting costs the individual earner; it should be avoided like all non work related expenses that decimate their asset base. Non rich non earners are dysfunctional, like the unemployable and pensioners, welfare recipients or not regardless of local redistribution policy; also individuals who routinely loose earnings and fail to accumulate a growing asset pool (gamblers, sub prime mortgage holders, substance users, discretionary over spenders). As a hiring diagnostic, is one dysfunctional? an asset decimator? short survival extent? Entrepreneurial? When left alone, who is mostly paying for their hour or day or week, self funded or with an entrepreneurial mix?
  • A test for art works: could this have been made 5 years ago? 10, 20, 50? If yes then you did not innovate in your field.
  • Just pick a company with an interesting chemical portfolio, and push it via the channels.
  • Things that had never been, nor really belong anywhere, and certainly not more so than here within this compendium. Not on imaginary realities (which are real), false memories (which are common), expert or lazy exchanges, and hopping disputes (involving coin, note or other means).
  • On rent seeking behavior and participation in the silicon valley real estate behavior (or any frothing jurisdiction on the planet), means that everyone who works hard forfeits all of their work to  people and governance tax that give nothing back but clock tick and temporary oxygen.
  • On category design, have lots and lots of consumer sector choice, via branded and varied products that maximize occupancy of visual space, time and total engagement, all owned by the same company maximizing its sector profit for redirecting to sector equity.
  • On brand design, inspiring affinity for: nostalgia old timy, identity aspiration, cool hunting, place experience, activity experience, staple-like familiarity seeding repeat purchase; identify who responds to what, correct market potential, and use resources to occupy that space; that is why things look the way they do.
  • TVC ad  template. Slow mo nature shot. Vague aspiration word combos. Faces closeups , activity. Sentence words. Show the box.
  • If it don't measure than it don't matter.

On management consulting and org analysis:
  • ecosystem: repeating features along dimensions, can be sliced with analysis tools (for replication if good, correction if bad, normalization for compatibility/acceptance, navel gazing, trend spotting, vigilance)
  • people: drive all activities
  • all activities: observable, use technology, operations activities (flow functions), other activities (idiosyncratic, one time project activities, formalized or otherwise), internal external, inputs, outputs (sector), profits (redirected)
  • methods: scripts with steps, updating record systems, acts of communication (calling, meetings) for activity
  • functions: formalized activities, goal seeking, designed, resourced, grouped for efficiency (people, activities, technology)
  • flow functions: for profit or outcomes, loops of iterative activities with methods, input and output
  • technology: machines, functions, idiosyncratic arrangement

Thursday, December 31, 2015

badideas 2015

For 2015, continuing the tradition of noting crappy disconnected brain farts.

sayit --
  • Grid is good, but not all grids are the same.
  • That feeling of fear, like vertigo, that makes you recoil. But if you do the opposite, and rush into it, it feels like power. When you are falling from a cliff or a building, to your death, at maximum fear, if you embrace your situation then time will dilate and slow down. Also if you realize this then you will unlock the truth and you can manifest what happens next.
  • Liking on Instagram is like, Oh your shit is not like my shit but bravo yes yes very good
  • Memory Laws? Mass shredding of faulty hardware.
  • Paper? Now that's something that I can get really excited about.
  • Everyone is screaming out for help, especially the provincials
  • The artist formally know as Not is currently know as Now
  • Lanisters make their own propaganda
  • Art? Oh that's somebody else's crappy dream.
  • More synergy strategy
  • Of course a dirty pervert would want to support your sexuality
  • News people thrive on news terror. Government people thrive on information fear.
  • Here, here is your useless gift, from the useless gift store.
  • Do become somewhat more famous.
  • Coca cola chemical fun company? Looks like hill song.
  • Are we provincial? Where is the capital of the world?
  • On looking for novelty and pattern, you always wonder if the thing you are looking at is something we have not seen yet, something repeating, or a novel iteration along a lineage.
  • On personal outlook, how does one encode: if i die first then you will be sad, but if you die first then i will be happy knowing that i made you happy all along and you made me happy and very lucky until the end.
  • Did i actually get 99 per cent of all that i wanted? it is possible, only some amount of time removed.
  • All last words matter
  • It's not BYO AOS bring your own anyoldshit
  • Blahblahr PR. Comments in a can, commenting on comments for you. Open a cluster can today. Engage your corporate or democratic social campaign with Social Army of Drones (SADs). Launch your message with point precision or carpet coverage. Agreement automation technology, winning over hearts and minds.
  • ohdeargodnowhywellok
  • On crafting provincial caricatures, it may help to pepper into their diatribes comic alliteration of the k consonant, where the same applies to kikes and queers as does to krauts, catholics and kennedys. Pausing to continue play with polish, pomeranians, and prussians. 
  • Are the stars intelligent systems, communicating information at each other with light and gravity, making up a vast brain like network, experiencing each other's consequences? It exhibits networking, metabolism, complexity, birth aging and death.
  • The difference between intelligent life and parasitic life to do with a continuum transition from inner influence to outer influence. An organism will start as a parasite and is engulfed by it's host environment. At some point during the transition it would be obvious that it has become intelligent life because it engulfs it's environment and controls every aspect of it. In any case, nothing good happens to the host.
  • It may be simpler to just get on with your job when you don't give a shit about it.
  • brand campaign iconography
  • It's important to steal good things
  • TITLE: Creative Game-Changer Strategist at the The Lazy Worker biweekly
  • Newman, The Humanist
  • The horse armies were WMDs of a bygone era.
  • The boogieman is used to externalize blame, and monopolize access to a favorable prophetic policy. 
  • Mate, don't get me wrong. It's not like you sound like a bumpkin, but you just don't sound suffocated. 
  • Job ads are like money bags, each of them, that's why we look at job ad listings regularly, just in case there is a bag of money that we can grab.
  • It's called Art. Look it up.
  • Within a photography exhibition, all individual works seem grossly overpriced. The artist would be lucky if the profits of a few sold pieces covered the production costs of the show. Production can be incredibly expensive. It would seem to be all about the printing and mounting, and if that is the bulk of the costs then one should rethink it all. If the production costs per unit are equivalent to a 4K TV, but all you get is paper and framing, then maybe you should reconsider your outlook. Normally pictures and posters are not that special, even when they are very special.
  • You can win not by being awesome but just because nobody else is bothering, is that what you want?
  • Under stress, you don't see abundance everywhere.
  • I can help you with your project, but only if your project is boring.
  • The Handshake: Is your proposition is inert, or do you have special merit? What's the dream? What are your beliefs, and your favorite cliches? Are you hiding, or an open book; are you the stuff of diligent maintenance admin or the stuff of inflated belief based drama? Tell me about your school grades and reputation when you were a kid. Tell me about your university achievements. Tell me about your public legacy today. What are you doing?
  • Ikea: things that look like other things
  • Buy some talent to make your pile of books and bricks look interesting and attractive 
  • Feel mad about the time consuming nature of my job.
  • There are no shadows, only the light.
  • LATCB look at that cocky bastard
  • Now go and design your guts out.
  • I think he's a dabbler.
  • How did we get stuck here in this dream?
  • Trending #bbb  bogans banning bali.
  • With art openings and everyone wearing so much black, a passerby might think he was at Temple. And some of these Js and Gs look familiar. This could be a problem, if we get anyone crazy showing up with objections. 
  • A drop crotch is for a southern crotch dandy
  • word use adviser 2015
  • MINIMAL: safety + waterfood + mindandroid/powerwifi.... to make what, in a society where brain survival is still a problem, so how to put more brains into the cloud
  • CORPORATE FREEDOM: freedom from the reigning administration regulatory trinity biased by belief systems, backroom politics, coalitions, and treachery
  • Are you from the old world?
  • STAGES of editing a photo set: denial, self loathing, activity substituting for ideas, considering offering a refund and a promise to rethink one's life and other non sequiturs, acceptance of it being what it is, some kind of recovery
  • RETAIL: a clown car, cramming silly value propositions into a small overcrowded market
  • OhDearGodNoWhy
  • LIFE: start everyday by waking up screaming, run out to something called work, go about your day anxiously on edge, return feeling wasted, and end by crying yourself to sleep
  • Sometimes, when I think about things, internally, I question your sanity.
  • Do you want to be on Schindler's list, or so you want to be on  Schindler's shit list? And what's the deal with Schindler Elevators, where does that come in?
  • the head of horse trading
  • white loaf is the hipster kryptonite
  • What Would I Do
  • When you have so much skilled fire power, you don't dabble, you unleash. Genghis Khan did not dabble, and neither should you.
  • Do man athletics, not that sissy stuff.
  • Are you a wizard, with your powers increasing exponentially. What do you call when your power is declining exponentially, asymptotic, never quite reaching zero, because that's what I think I have.
  • an inner west dirty artist, creative designer font picker, a clean fashion photographer, a dandy brand strategist,  an eastern suburbs Lannister
  • two variables are like the two cat problem
  • there is alternative but you're too deep underground
  • marketing creatives buzzword zombies
  • marketing firm buzzword HO
  • marketing campaigns unleash a buzzword apocalypse
  • on message zombies consultants aligning imagination with reality
  • entertain different timelines of things that never happened in the future
words --
  • uno
  • spot
  • penultimate
  • [what did one snake say to the other,] hhhheh
  • there's no stopin us, NO STOPIN
  • I say
  • wait
  • yes yes, very good
  • dirty bird
  • [zesty like] marlin blando
badidea --
  • Poverty should be criminalized. Poverty perpetuation, via minimum wage or welfare policies continues the poverty cycle, as normalized slavery perpetuated the generational slavery cycle, the dark ages, and similar conservative structural behaviours. Applying a price on life may be a useful lens to this issue. Poverty policies doom low value assets to remain unimproved, keeping them at subsistence levels. There is no better example than the modern China model, which shows that a billion production units can be raised out of subsistence, and in turn transforming the nation into an economic superpower -- an unprecedented gain for the aggregate system. The inability of economic agents to pay substantial taxes is an accusation at the conservative policy makers for simply riding the tide, concurrently to great technological and scientific progress at Moore's Law rates, effectively wasting all of progress. The reigning principals' apathy leaves apropos subjects (the voters) open to takeovers by agile outsiders (invasion), with a case of said principles being the cause of treason, a most serious crime. Thusly the modest proposal to criminalize poverty includes widening the circle to all responsible, apportioning responsibility up the structural chain of command.
  • For reducing effective caloric intake in the case of dieting, reduce the total metabolic opportunity of ingested caloric food by binding to the caloric material in the gut with another edible material that is mostly inert except for its binding quality. So not all joules are equal, especially when some are not reacted for their caloric value resulting in only a reduced caloric availability.
  • art series with sayits
  • ad campaign with corporate looking ads covered with graffiti doodles and other art.
  • laser balloon swarm motion tracker to point at a fast moving subject, that is a bouncing rubber band ball with a different color embedded in it going all over the place.
  • on Afghanistan, when a society needs to be reprogrammed, like China
  • for dank st exhibition lineseed collage of 9, 1 mounted on foamcore A0 tyvek, 8 unframed pinned, stack of free A4 prints for takeaway
  • loafs for modular slice sandwich: bread loaf, cheese loaf, tomato loaf
  • 30 second clips with aspiration stories, disaster recovery stories, design for aspiration stories, costume and fantasy stories.
  • Schooling had mislead children and parents to believe that an upbringing of spoon feeding leads to good outcomes and is a good investment. Solutions to problems are not the product of spoon feeding. Solving your own problems is the single biggest challenge in life for everyone, but too many folks spoonfeeding is the key, so there's a reality perception disconnect. We ended up with nations of mostly useless people who are extremely vulnerable, with a small percentation of exceptions.
  • If you want to loose someone's unwanted interest, you can do The Pick if they can see you, or say Look here you fucktard, do you see where this is going, if you are on the telephone.
  • Brands that are two names like, Johnson and Johnson, Ben and Jerry, Dolce Gabbana. Brands that sound like half a sentence, like I've managed to, When I go to, If ever there is. Brands that sound like random adjective noun combos like, Imaginary Cognition, Flattery Orange, Lightning Banana. Brands that sound like shortened words like: Likr, Sitr, Stirr. Brands that sound normal like, Standard Procedures, Regulation Food, Good Choice. Brands that sound like race horses like, No shame today, Do it for lols, This what you want. Brands that sound like common sense like, Creative Products, Group Synergy, Power of you.
  • Hollywood movie script that topics Spam, Denial of Service Attacks, and urban youths like Anonymous, who set on a mission to overwhelm available resources; like loose internet hacker industry where a groups leverage their small numbers to set fire to everything, like large city buildings, the wilderness, or anywhere where resources would be overwhelmed fast, using common household devices rather than problematic explosives, as acts of protest. The movement grows exponentially as the information diffuses exponentially, causing exponential responses on both sides, leading to total civilisation collapse, like a zombie apocalypse. 
  • Black box recorder in cars/plant/property/person, box owned by the insurance company or third party,  crypto tamper sealed for evidence but copyable for transparency. with blockchain sync option. it must be an app, available to everyone lowering barrier to entry. [/. app-to-hold-police-instantly-accountable-in-stop-and-search]
  • Curate gallery for near future sci-fi art
  • lineart and architecture
  • Alternative vision to sell sq1, and become more famous. Produce a presentation that has a horizontal experience slider; sq1 is essentially a horizontal experience, story book, with turns and a conclusion -- virtual walk through (digital photo frames sideshows) across the extent. Station design concept to include numbered stations in big stencil font, bigger than a label writer. Put a number to story.
  • On private profit vs public profit. Private, is taking from you by fooling you all of the time, but have you believe that you are getting a correct optimum via designed advertising. Public, is taking from you by way of an arbitrary authoritarian rule base to redistribute profit mostly to government employees and prepared contractors; and the rule based body has no true committee consensus only emergence. Users want to feel like a decider, picking from choices that favor profit entities. Users are production units. The system may not be entirely competitive but it is internally adversarial, hence checks itself within it's boundary.
  • a pack of black straws on the speedlight for grid
  • lamp reflector to clock movement
  • Create larger format art sets, cut into pieces, to be distributed to collectors, not to be reassembled without trouble and value appreciation, list of original owners inscribed for tracing, for duplication only on proof that the original was lost.
  • art exhibition as backdrops for fashion shoots
  • paramilitary uniforms black with electric blue trim
  • Using AA clock movements more moving art installations; the high torque minute and hour movement can drive anything slowly; apply to moire patterns on cylinders
  • Explore the limits of proving internals information by boundary interaction 
  • Pic caption: Look. All your clothes neatly folded. I folded them.
  • Dog names: Noam Nom Chomsky and Bob Barker
  • Kelp; get it from the sea, cook it, eat it (thanks Ian)
  • Operate life blog presence as a show/tell gallery and a story narrative. use a pallet to theme it, style it, brand it, and maintain consistent continuity goto ideas, use chapters with season deadlines. In the hope to communicate and handover better.
  • A chandelier ceiling light, downward looking digital projector, fisheye lens, video loop via chromecast or hdmi stick; with a secondary upward looking programmable LED light to add rlux.
  • product layout design) big cropped material shot, complete small against the background
  • event:  cam 1) remote tripod on S 80/s, prime or wide test, auto iso; cam 2) d800 auto iso, M S100/s A4.5
  • Any company should have a brand identity wall for office headshots, soft side light from a window, hard light reflector from the inside.
  • Things appear real because you can see them. That's the main test for objective reality. However, most of what you see today is crafted, customized, curated, designed, and made for exhibition and communication. It is more real-ish than real. Nothing is natural, like it grows on trees, as nothing in the city grows on trees. Even the landscaping is designed. So let's work on your reality, how people see you and your value proposition. Offer something better than the image of a dabbler or a bureaucracy.
  • It occurred to me that my internets cannot survive me because the domain needs to be renewed annually, and all is domain branded. this is a problem of sorts.
  • Tandem cameras, one in fast, one in slow, same lens focal length, layered with multiply or overlay.
  • Why trust wide emotional gamuts, because they habitually put themselves in harms way expressing a full range, implying higher than normal honesty.
  • On EDM, get clicks be presenting something different, especially standing out in a common field, like real estate by screwing an angle in panorama, measurable by clicks, and be ahead of the curve, and not get banned, like lifestyle -- to delete?
  • On marketing, forcing wallets to open. It does not happen, but wallets do open up via ideas all over town, you just have to be there when it happens. You can work for looser brands, or identify the curve ahead of itself.
  • a show about food, where before cooking you have to stomp kill every thing
  • laser searing protein printer 
  • darktable geo tagging, klm2gpx, import gpx with Perth as timezone.
  • a hand puppet with googly eyes, but a ring or a nickle duster.
  • Post it at arms length to my Social (put as a copy of a newspaper clipping, print out, public toilet shot, zoom shot showing the wording, like it was found in the wild; or a screenshot of an email forwarded many times like it went viral; or a flyer stuck to an agency window, with free tabs, photographed with the agency logo; or a fake screenshot repost, washed against another account, saying thanks lol hashtag job hashtag pinterest; or a photo of a hand holding an old iphone with that on the screen, or a photo of an old crt screen showing that, with a job agency sticker or 4corners sticker on the screen, and a finger pointing in the shot; or all of them iterative). It has to be done soon while it's apropos to last night's 4corners.

    "As a result of 4corners, a leaked email from a job service provider makes reference to the hashtag LSF strategy. The advice to job seekers includes a visual interpretation of every respondent to a government job Selection Criteria / corporate Position Description. Quickly express that you are The One for the job. Don't waste time, throw your cards on the table, as you are certainly getting turned on, and proceed to lick it. Suck it, but not endlessly, as the reader has only about a minute or two, and gets bored quickly. Take the Selection Criteria/PD, roll it up neatly, apply lube to it and/or yourself, and creatively stick it in your favorite private hole.  Make the face, as non verbal communication is important. Do what you have to do. Then wrap it up quickly, clean yourself up you dirty whore, and move on to the next one."
  • instagram diptych: summer wig taupe, winter wig long hair
  • For conservation of energy and entropy, all quanta are flying around at lightspeed, forever hence are said to be conserved; but with the influence of gravity are constantly rearranged into macro pools. Gravity could be an attractor solely the result of the pooling. Locally it may look like entropy only increases with the exception of singularities, where it equalizes in aggregate.. While the constant propagation speed assures conservation of energy.
  • nothing matters, nothing, as long as technological progress continues, and culture happens to be a part of it
portrait notes
  • headshot plan 3 options, editorial/ lifestyle / bio
  • formal, white shirt, black jacket, no tie
  • informing: holding a work prop, at work (2 shot), by manuals/binders, hallway, on site with ohs safety gear
  • informal, at Sydney park, t shirt and jeans, fill+bouquet, informal posture
  • bg: grey, white under exposed, office bg separate shot (2 shot)
  • pose: standing, arms folded casually but inviting, *** sitting on a stool
event notes
  • d3200: remote, tripod, prime wide test or zoom set to wide, auto iso, S 80
  • d800: auto iso, M S100/s A4.5

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