Friday, June 19, 2015

Parking Penalty Notice review request

Update: 16 Jul 2015
Received letter with outcome of review, well written, and the fine still stands. So I pay it.
Unexpected fines are like random, like street muggings, or involuntary donations to causes that you do not appreciate. Remember this, revenue systems are designed to get revenue, and car users as an economy segment offers a big opportunity.

Update: 6 July 2015
Called 1300 138 118 ( next time press 2 2 for operator ); found out that my infringement is placed on hold and referred to the issuing authority; will be notified by email and post to the registered car owner who may need to complete a statutory declaration.


This morning I submitted this request to the government.

We will place the penalty on hold while we investigate it. Please allow up to 21 days for a reply.

You are the person responsible for the offence.

Reply to you at preferred address.

Review letter

Receipt Information

Reference number
Park continuously for longer than permitted
Credit card number
Payment amount
Card payment fee
Total payment amount
Your receipt number

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kogan Atlas x14fhd laptop teardown and upgrade HDD to SSD

OK, this is not the worlds greatest teardown, but such as it is I hope it to be a helpful resource. You get a preview of what is inside the box. Before I went at it, I had found nothing useful on the internets, and when I contacted Kogan for a Service Manual all I got was a link to the User Manual. BTW, this follows my previous post, expressing the joys of my latest acquisition.

After receiving the laptop, testing it with Ubuntu via a USB boot, installing Ubuntu on a temporary basis along side of the preloaded software, installing Ubuntu with a clean format, my next step was to go inside and swap the HDD with an SSD from my previous laptop. So did that, and rebooted with F2 into BIOS. The SSD was detected on the first tab, but not in the boot tab as a bootable drive. It could not boot. I expected it to be boobable because it was bootable on the previous laptop from which it was pulled. After wasting about an hour looking for solutions, I had realized that I should simply install Ubuntu. Win! BTW, the motherboard has 2 memory sockets, so I will probably upgrade the memory at some point.

Opening the case was a bit tricky. This is expected on the first attempt with an unfamiliar device. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Flip it over and remove all 12 screws.
  2. Start with the left side (the one with the 2 USBs / HDMI / VGA / NIC / power). Pry the front edge with a thin flat head screwdriver, or even knife, gently. The case will start to snap open.
  3. Then here is the tricky bit. The right side has round audio connectors which do not give way easily. Either carefully pry around the audio connectors to get them past the case holes, or try to pry the back edge there there are snaps as well. The back edge looks like it is a single piece that wraps around to the the top, but it actually separates along the grove half way up, and snaps apart. If you unsnap the back edge then you can just lift the back cover away from the audio connectors quite easily, but on the first attempt this was not obvious to me.
Here are some pics I took along the way with my phone. If you click to enlarge, you will get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I must say that my first time experience in opening this laptop was much better than what I got with my previous Acer netbook, some three years ago. I'm still loving this new box :) So currently I'm using a Kogan Agora android and laptop, and loving it!

BTW WTF, look at where they'd put the WIFI antenna -- under your right hand next to the mouse! That explains why the internet is slow or fast seemingly randomly -- it speeds up only when you take your hands away out of frustration. I shall attempt to relocate it next time when I open the box, into the removable drive bay area just behind the door placeholder.

Remove all screws

Pry the back cover off

Original HDD

Replacement SSD

A look around inside the box

before // after
Read 101Mb Write 80Mb Access 9.58ms // Read 236Mb Write 167Mb Access 0.24ms