Sydney Traffic Widget

In mid 2005 I ran into a product called The Konfabulater. I heard about it in the news blurbs that said that it was acquired by Yahoo. By late 2005 it become known as Yahoo Widget Engine and it seems to be integrated into the Yahoo universe. Anyway, after playing around with it like any other user I too had found it neat. One night, I don’t remember what came over me I developed a widget of my own, and that’s how the Sydney Traffic Widget came to be. It is essentially a clean webcam viewer that peeks into, as the name implies, Sydney Traffic. The source of the updated pictures comes from the RTA cameras. To make it work you need to be running the widget engine. Then you can download Sydney Traffic Widget and start gawking.
  • window size: 160×120, 32×240, 384×284, 640×480
  • camera location: all cameras, Sydney CBD only, North only, West only; there are 10 cameras in 4 sets
  • rotation: 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 seconds; the time delay to fetch the next image
  • wallpaper: yes, no; this is a great feature that updates the current desktop wallpaper to the current webcam image
  • proxy: for users behind an aggressive corporate firewall
  • [20060513] Recently someone posted a comment against the widget saying that it is busted. I had a look (had to download and reinstall the widget engine as I do not use it at this time) and found that the unresponsiveness in between shots is annoying. I had not noticed it when I posted the last version as at the time I was on a 1.5Mbs ADSL connection but currently enjoying a fraction of my former speed, at 64kbs, the click delays give the impression of the widget freezing up. Maybe that was the problem with the last comment poster.