Goodbye Goulburn

I was sitting in my 113 Communication in Policing tutorial and it clicked: I must withdraw from this course immediately. At the end of the tutorial, I thanked the man instructing the class, went up to the administration office, and completed the one page exit survey. The events leading up to this had been some 48 hours in the making, and maybe 2 weeks coming into formation. Regardless of the specifics, I can not apply myself properly to the study pace. My bad habits had proved themselves to be in the way. Also, what really tied it up for me nicely at the end was what was demonstrated in the 113 tutorial: I will probably never be able to communicate at the level required to complete the Constable Education Program, and then to go on and be a cop. I just don’t have the basic stuff to do this type of course or this type of work. And then there was the waste of paperwork and time that it took to get into the course, and the HECS debt of something like a grand that will need to be addressed when I eventually find gainful employment. But never mind all of that as it is not the end of the world. It may just as well be a good thing that I stop this now rather than investing any more effort into something that will not work out for me in the long run. On the up side, this episode was an AMAZING 4 week experience like nothing that I had done before, and a hell of a lot of fun!