Animal Liberation xmas dinner 2006

On Saturday, went to the Animal Liberation xmas dinner at Pitt Street Vegetarian Restaurant (238-242 Pitt St Sydney map). Afterwards we all went to The Windsor for some drinks.

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sydney au 20061216 animal liberation xmas dinner

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Yesterday during chit chat, it occurred to me that al is 3 pronged:
  • curbing supply - managing offending producers [this is where al members are]; this is grass roots, and initiates the rest
  • curbing demand - vegan and changing consumerism; similar to treehuggers [the silent numbers of people not associated, also marketing groups like]; voting with money and buying habits on a mass scale creates sweeping differences; has vertical growth potential
  • legislation - political activism - like writing to local member of parliament, with group numbers; it closes the door on offenders
The objective of all of these loose groups is to stop what offends us morally; driven to resolve cognitive dissonance.

Also, from the chit chat about converting to vegan
  • information based on facts does not work alone to convert
  • imagery is powerful, it evokes an emotion and converts people
... therefore truthiness is real


Anonymous said…
The guy in the white top is a meat eater! I have personally seen him eat though vast quantities of rare blood soaked beef. At one point he had a taste for our national treasure Skippy!

His full name is Bob "Meat Balls" Newman.
NEWMAN said…
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