raw food

In the last 24 hours or so, I may have turned the next corner in my vegan ways. I've become interested in going raw food. Notably, I was inspired by one Saerain to look into this matter; read some wiki and other odd googles, and wondered to myself why this was not obvious to me before; found a good read (by Stephen Walsh) at the vegansociety.com site. The conversion has begun.

Some personal reasons include:
  • raw food vegan is an upgrade of my existing vegan (my vegan move was based on pro animal liberation sentiments, which was based on anti torture and pro amnesty sentiments, which was based on anti Bush administration, anti Iraq war, pro democracy sentiments, which was based on my dismay over the global and local political climate of the past several years since I started spending more time on the Internet and less time on TV)
  • treehugger low energy cost food preparation and improved potential for my future 100 mile diet upgrade
  • cheap (easy to replicate)
  • simple (I like a simple plan)
  • seemingly quite healthy (claims found in articles: other odd googles)

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Also caught up in this conversion may be a denial of my fondness for vile black coffee (as a chaining beverage at least), in favor of green tea, with likely other teas to follow. I have been drinking vast quantities of coffee for years, thinking that it helped me work more effectively; and then there was the fondness of caffeine. This might be a final nail in the coffin of my former phase much of which had to do with unbalanced chemical intakes based on the belief that it is a good idea to push the body to some tuned performance state; probably a juvenile error that starts with watching lots of TV, taking things out of proportion, and running with the concept for a prolonged period far past its original context.