Surry Hills Festival 2007

Yesterday I went to the Surry Hills Festival 2007. It was great! I expected another poky local gig similar to the ones that I went to in the last 12 months, with a bunch of stalls, a stage or 2, a schedule timetable, musical performances, etc. But no, this was HUGE, 100,000 people or more by my estimate. This was the biggest local festival that I've seen so far on the City of Sydney calendar not counting NYE, granted that I've been making an effort to go to these things for only for about a year or so. Naturally I took a few photos. Also, so glad I went because my company and I had a more lazy Plan B which at the time of deciding seemed to have equal merit. BTW the standing Plan B is an alco picnic in the park, with some snacks, cigarettes, and a bottle or 2.