[Revision 20080309: Warning: This blog post is not about "eco shoes" or "samurai shoes". I just changed the title to "shoes", which makes it my third attempt to properly classify this post. I hardly want to feed the disappointment of hopeful googlers looking for a sustainability related item or something to do with martial arts. The original name reflected my appreciation of the apparent simple manufacturing technique which is in principle eco friendly. The second name was accurate per the label printed on the inside denoting the model from this brand. And so previously I went on to say...]

Yes, I know that this is too much information but it chronicles my disappointments...

Today on my rare walk via the shops I found these super shoes in some budget mall shop. The price was $30, so there is no boutique markup here which is good. Nothing in my size. Dam! At least I resolved to try and get them on the spot, denying future what-if regrets.

I will opportunistically look for something similar, although there is no emergency because only last week in procured some generic black dunlop volleys. They were overpriced at $39, as the normal sale price at the kmart is about $20, regular about $30. After I got home I was also disappointed that they used the bad manufacturing process, with the paper sub inner sole that disintegrates when wet, and the hallow grid heel that half collapses and disrupts your comfort within months. I had myself convinced that I was desperate to ditch my former runners in a hurry because of the incurable smell situation; also I had them for over one year and they had accumulated considerable wear and tear, mostly on the inside where comfort was effected.

I think that I would dare to try wearing these jesus shoes with a suit, rendering all shoe problems solved: cheap, good for all occasions, machine washable, vegan, good construction.

[Revision 20071223: Got em. Got my samurai shoes.]

[Revision 20080415: Today spells the end of the road for these puppies. I found that walking in these kind of shoes was almost like walking barefoot; not a good experience when surrounded by contemporary surfaces that provide about as much shock absorption with every step as the softness of concrete. Toward the end, I started to mod them by ripping out the lining in hope of getting more puritan about the design and its eligibility for DIY. This shoe episode conduces with a rerun of black dunlop volleys (this time priced correctly at $30, and the good version with a full rubber sole and not the crappy air grid topped with cardboard that I was disappointed with last time when I had these); I got a new pair for the upcoming winter season.]