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  • About time and motion 12/1/07, 9:53 PM Earlier, watched a video (Authors@Google: Joseph Mazur) about the 'motion paradox'. It was not so much the content of the hour long video that I found intriguing but the boiled down question that it has a big arrow point to. My take is something like this... motion and time are related; in 4d spacetime motion, time, and their interplay with the first 3 dimensions are static ; so what is causing the perception of motion or time? Is there some cosmic needle on the phonograph of 4d spacetime? Does the invention of branes add more than fleeting philosophical value? I don't mean to say ~stop with the science~ but that's one hell of a simple question. I can't get it out of my head. This only compounds my pre-existing condition. This lends itself to ... well, you know, unresolved issues; but that's how it goes. [Revision 20071222: also see Universe May Be Running Out of Time via slashdot]. Related: The Tenth Dimension