Can-O-Worms compost bin

I got an almost new compost bin thanks to a friend. Installed in on the balcony. At this point I did not put any worms into it because there is not enough stuff inside, but maybe later. Composting food scraps is hand-in-glove compatible with my other current practice that is a raw food vegan diet. Since most of my garbage is organic, like apple cores and banana peels, the worms are gonna love it.

Now, I will produce almost no garbage. The bulk of my garbage will be paper junk mail which already goes into the recycling bin for resource reclamation, although what happens after it gets collected by the council pickup truck is invisible to me so I can only hope that it is the right thing, sorry I digress. This Can O Worms is gonna be Awesome!

  • The Can-O-Worms is an odourless, user friendly system that allows anyone to participate in recycling. Whether you live in an apartment or have a backyard
  • Note2self: still need to find a way to make my own electricity and a sweater, and my life will be complete.
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[Revision 20080404: Full! It is time to empty the bottom tray.]


Hi Bob, Don't forget that you can add paper and cardboard to your Can-o-Worms - at last a place to put all that junk mail.