push mower

Purchased a push mower, via Bunnings for $79.

The anticipated benefits were to be the simplicity of it all, no characteristic loud noise and foul smell, no need for fuel, and lots of happy eco points.

Assembled it. Mowed with it.

The result is a somewhat disappointing experience. During the inaugural mow the blades kept jamming on thick patches of lush grass. By the time I finished doing the small back yard, front yard, and nature strip by the road was feeling pretty sweaty and slightly mucho, which were unintended consequences.

On reflection maybe I should have gotten a mains powered electric mower - there is a lesson here. Maybe it was so much work and frustration because the lawn was too neglected and thick for a maiden attempt with such a sensitive device. Maybe if done with good frequency then it would be easier with better results.

Also after completing some assembly I postponed the tightening of screws on the handle bars assembly, and the nuts had come off at some point during use without the result becoming known until too late. Now there is a spare parts issue to sort out.

[Revision 20080821 : no regrets, this was a good choice]

[Revision 20081223 : Regrets. Lack of maintenance? Grass too out of hand? I don't know. I tried sharpening the blades but they keep jamming with grass. I give up. It seems to take more energy or a different kind of movement then what this device applies. I do not accept mowing as a high maintenance issue. At this point I think that I will either purchase some 2 stroke fuel for the stored conventional mower or try an electric unit - not sure yet. The push mower, the lump of mostly steel, is going in the garbage. Lesson learned.]