I could not resist any longer, despite no substantial need for yet another light in the house, and anticipated buyer's remorse to do with ewaste, I got my first LED desk lamp which will also serve as my main room light - JANSJÖ, aka Ikea Jansjo LED light. This also puts me one step onward away from mercury enriched compact floros and even further away from the unmentionable incandescents. I think this is progress.

Also made my first pilgrimage to The Promised Land that is IKEA via public transport.

I would guess that the lamp uses a Luxeon Rebel LED, but not sure at this point without ripping it apart for examination or more web research.

[Revision 20081011: Just an arbitrary revision; thought I would add a pic of the LED in real life because why not, also I am a fan]

[Revision 20081106 : For any pundits out there, here is a photo of the power supply with specifications inscribed - model ELP03PA1-A constant current DC600mA 2.6V to 3.5V]


Rebekka said…
This is v cool - we've replaced some of our globes with LED globes (also v cool)
skierpage said…
The bedside/desk/work lamp version of the Jansjö is now just $10, insanely cheap!

I wish it had a USB plug so you could run it off 5V from solar or your computer laptop or the three adapters you already own. Shipping yet another custom 120V transformer with every DC gizmo needs to end, the trend has started with mobile phones.
LEDependent said…
600mA exceeds the current capability of USB.
Bob said…
3.5V@.6A=2.1W (wallwart)
5V@.5=2.5W (USB)
So with a suitable DC/DC converter it should work with about enough wiggle room for inefficiencies. A really good USB socket can deliver up to 1A i believe which would be even better. But lack of existence is a good indicator of implausibility, and I'm not one to look into it.
pkd said…
Cheap is right. There's something wrong with the switch on my unit.