Stephen Donaldson - The Last Chronicles

With my bag of non essential groceries and nothing to do I was waiting for my bus, simple. It soon became apparent that it would be a one hour wait. I decided to pop into Borders to pick up a book or whatnot, which I never normally do. Mister Impulsive, I know.

The thing is: I don't read. Or somewhat more precisely, the last time that I purchased a book to read for fun was some time during a previous decade, before the internets as we know them were invented. I suppose that I always suspected that I would have a restart with books, and hence today was deterministically inevitable, a convergence of sorts.

BTW, I did read the other volumues of the Chronicles up to this one, as well as the Gap series. Also, I used to see myself as a bit of a big fan, though today not so much.


[Revision 2008-09-27 14:58:12 : I already read this book or part of it, but must have not impressed. I do not recall the story at all but there are unmistakable bits so far (up to page 30) that are familiar beyond de ja vu. I suspect that the supposed last time I had it I chose to not continue it - must have been picky.]

[Revision 20090508 : finished reading it, finally. The ending is nuts.]