Today I placed my second order from Veganpet, this time for 2 bags.

Previously, or several weeks ago, I found on the googles. Soon enough I ordered some to try it.

Slightly longish and somewhat embarrassing story (see note1) cut short, I am now satisfied that my two dogs devour the stuff. They love it!

The trick was to get them hungry enough to try a new food. Halting their meat supply for about a day, proved to be about enough. It probably also helps that the pair of them are somewhat competitive for food, as well as attention.

That makes for a few dozen more chickens and a cow spared per year. Otherwise without some kind of a vegetarian diet solution for the pets, I would have had to continue living with a gaping hole in my vegan ethics because of the dogs.

Incidentally, it may be worthwhile pointing out that dogs are omnivorous. Notwithstanding everything being debatable, dogs will eat almost anything that people eat. Feeding to dogs a constant supply of supermarket pet food like what the cute TV adverts would inspire you believe is about on par as satisfying a human child's dietary needs via McDonalds, both very doable and commonly done but not necessarily a good idea. [Yes, I'm aware that Veganpet is also a food somewhat like the supermarket stuff, but a discussion of the merits of the former compared to the latter is beyond the scope of this blog entry, and I am not up to the argument.]

note1: I can confirm that the ingredients seem to be of a quality that is for human consumptions - which is also a good litmus test that this is pretty good stuff.