badideas 2008

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2008
  • monogadget 6/27/08, 12:17 AM Seeing my mobile. Hating. Camera. Cables. Chargers. Gadgets. No way around it. Use the utility of each every day. Foreseeing more subsystems for solar power and energy storage adding to it all. Sure there is opportunity for integration but that is not the reality we are in, not right now anyway. Come a long way, but still hating. Could become a monogadget extremist by choice, with drawing a demarcation between gadget and house/plant systems (wifi modem being part of house; power systems and adapters part of house; illumination, hot water, laundry) but would loose utility and productivity when walkabout or post change. Maybe should do more: lifehacks; hardware mods; adapt; time travel (wait) to resolve the monogadget problem.
  • head tracking ; Build or find a webcam driver that will pickup head mounted reference points. Apply it to move the mouse cursor, or use head movements with simulated 3d. It seems that the hardware is already in place in most contemporary laptops, only needing software. Surely this would have already been done by someone else, or has the obvious eluded us all as usual? One implication of this would be that my 7 inch eeepc screen could suddenly seem bigger, and any screen would suddenly seem bigger. This seems like a worthwhile innovation. Something must be done.