about culture in Parramattra

This post is not really thought out and composed to stand on its own for any passer by, but I figure that it must be put into the timeline at least in note2self form.

The other day I went to Parramatta, Westfield, Church Street Mall, George Street. I noticed a few things.
  • Westfield: patron culture change; it seems to be different to what I remember only a year or two back, and starkly different from when I was growing up in the area some 20 years ago. It continues to undergo transformations, without going into nostalgic details re periods.
  • Church street mall: a friendly group of youths engaged in neo ghetto break dance collaboration.
  • Shops: more of everything, with geographic and thematic agglomeration.
My impression now is that Parramatta has what resembles a distinct cultural resonance, outside of it's historical context. These people arrived, either from else where or as a next generation. The difference and the time in which it was accomplished seems parallel to the change of the web and contemporary global developments.

Maybe it is just me having the delusion of seeing patterns where there are none. This is very inconclusive and subjective.


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EDF2099 said…
Westies, we never die, we just move further out west.