scarf crochet

  • went to Lincraft, got Bamboozle yarn
  • yesterday got inspired by this, via craftzine
  • starting with something easy, a scarf. not too worried about errors; it is priceless regardless of ultra low quality craftsmanship
  • about two years ago i found out about the virtues of bamboo, and textiles as one if its many applications
  • could not get started because i could not find any yarn for a reasonable price, until now.
  • at this point i doubt that i will advance to making my own sweater but maybe little mini sweaters for my 2 dogs, a camera sock, maybe a laptop cozy; time will tell
  • taking back crocheting, for the patriarchy
  • i learned the basics back in third grade at school; it's like riding a bicycle, you don't forget it
  • the act of crocheting is an effective cure for my mid afternoon drowsy period, unfortunately the addictive nature of it may null the benefit

[Revision 20090224 - used up one of the 50g balls, just over 2 feet of scarf, the going got fast when i figured out the stitch pattern and used it consistently.]

[Revision 20090301 : the above product was melted down and combined with more yarn (this time 100% bamboo cleckheaton brand) to produced the following. Time well spent? duno, but i can cross it of my todo list.]


Erland said…
Love it - especially "taking back crocheting, for the patriarchy."