Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mukarp, Ikealand, and Ikeafever

Went to Ikealand.

Got a Mukarp mattress for my futon that's been on and off the wishlist for a long time with conflicting lifestyle ideology undoing object acquisition - resolved. The pack is 80% deflated and rolled up into a tight almost solid mass of PU; sez it takes 3-4 days to take full shape.

BTW, there are no covers for it in the catalog; they used to have a thick navy blue cotton cover - now computa sez no.

Also saw 2 interesting products:
  1. sunnan :: solar powered desk lamp - I know, sounds like a perpetual energy device - warm white LED matrix, useful size polycrystalline silicon wafers that may have been reclaimed material from the solar panel industry like offcuts and mitigated defects, $35;
  2. ingo :: desk size square table, raw pine, that seems low in embodied energy, misc inputs, and generally seems to be low on my rule of thumb harm index.
I currently need neither, but regardless of that fact most visits to Ikealand induce Ikeafever that in turn causes a purchase.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

phone downgrade

It has become clear that I am not using my phone as much as I used to, and it never had much traffic to begin with.

Opting to give up the half decent phone, the one on the right, in favour of a slim basic device on the left.

However, for the odd times when a phone is relevant I brought back the old Nokia 1600 (it's the one one the left) : basic phone; default calendar year is 2005; trimed the size of it by removing some of the shell (some cutting was involved). It will live in the bag, not in any of my pockets, and mostly set to off mode. The alarm feature is the most useful thing about it - good for Monday 6AM wake up.

The Nokia 6300 (the one on the right will go to a good home).