Mukarp, Ikealand, and Ikeafever

Went to Ikealand.

Got a Mukarp mattress for my futon that's been on and off the wishlist for a long time with conflicting lifestyle ideology undoing object acquisition - resolved. The pack is 80% deflated and rolled up into a tight almost solid mass of PU; sez it takes 3-4 days to take full shape.

BTW, there are no covers for it in the catalog; they used to have a thick navy blue cotton cover - now computa sez no.

Also saw 2 interesting products:
  1. sunnan :: solar powered desk lamp - I know, sounds like a perpetual energy device - warm white LED matrix, useful size polycrystalline silicon wafers that may have been reclaimed material from the solar panel industry like offcuts and mitigated defects, $35;
  2. ingo :: desk size square table, raw pine, that seems low in embodied energy, misc inputs, and generally seems to be low on my rule of thumb harm index.
I currently need neither, but regardless of that fact most visits to Ikealand induce Ikeafever that in turn causes a purchase.