TDK Xa40 speaker cube

Yesterday I picked up this ewaste from JBHiFi, for $25, second last one from display. This item has a long and stupid story in my mind, but now I have it.

Sure, this is in the category of crap-i-dont-need but the consequences of getting it were minimal, and so maybe allowable.

Earlier, Apr 6, 2007 ...

When I came to live at my current place of residence I found some stuff from a previous resident (I'm talking about you Mario), among which was a set of amplified computer speakers, 90s vintage. Today I picked up a cable to connect them to my laptop (RCA to 3.5mm). Wow. What a stunning result. Filled the room with sound.

Alas, my current policy revolves around portability. That means that any new gadget must either replace an existing gadget and fit into my gear bag, or something like that. A full size desktop speaker fails the test. So I stand by my portable and personal space for sound. That means that so far as speakers are concerned, I either use the built in laptop speakers or my Skype mic headphone piece. Spartan, I know.

However, on my wishlist is a TDK Tremor XA40 cube. It's nice and simple, one part only, has enough power to fill a room well enough, and costs $59 (at DSE) which I think is quite fair. I like the design; like the price; but I must refrain from getting it because it fails the bag test; also it costs less to pass. Sad but also thrifty.