badideas 2010

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2010
  • There is no need for trying to act out silly fantasies or let your genes play tricks with you.
  • Remember the race against time, drink water, go outside, and regularly move around a bit.
  • If you're going to test an unlikely idea, try to fail fast, cut your losses and learn something useful from it.
  • On zoom gestures, use accelerometer, move slate away to zoom out, move slate toward to zoom in.
  • IS: just geometry. all discovery, especially about natural systems are a determination of the shape, structure and geometry. Once know, can be examined and changed based on our motivations. Speculatively, this can apply to work, organization, biology, physics, any grand unified theory of everything. If geometry is fractal and layered, or complex and plural, then connection and interaction need to be derived. Geometry can be used to abstract derivatives up, down, across, or with shortcuts if enough is know. this approach can allow for gaps in knowledge to be completed later, like the with the periodic table approach.
  • APP: A phone handset that translates camera info into a soundscape that a blind person can cross the street safely.
  • APP: An app to upload emergency media, to upload photos, location, commentary and other media that is monitored by emergency services, instead of just 000 to describe verbally. Could be a live video link to an current incident. Like a twitter series with hashtags and links.
  • On Design: Don't just design once, but iterate with improve. A protocol for this very process should be designed, and iterated.