Huawei U8230

Finally, I got my first android! No regrets. I love it!

The price was right, and I opted to just get it. Sure, I would have much rather gotten a Samsung Galaxy S because of its far superior spec (and correspondingly higher price), but the Huawei U8230 will serve me just fine for now.
  • purchased 25 November 2010, $299 from Dick Smith Parramatta, unlocked
  • links: Huawei support site includes manual pdf; google
  • spec: android 2.1, android market, 1500 mAh battery, 3.2MP forward camera / vga backward camera, 3.5 inch display / TFT / 320 x 480, micro sd up to 16GB, no FM radio, GPS, 3G / 3G broadband internet, WIFI, USB charge and connectivity.
  • hate: bluetooth receive files only; cannot connect to headset; 2.5mm non standard audio connector (but it should not be too hard to find spares on ebay); USB non standard clip plug; skype works but mixed results, skype out mostly bad; no video skype; only kinda all day battery life, provided that you stay plugged in overnight and until you leave the house in the morning; no google docs editing
  • love: android; google account integration for contacts, calendar, gmail/talk; latitude, reader, maps
  • SIM of choice: Virginbroadband prepaid, has data, can receive calls and SMS but not send; can place calls via skype out; ordered BYO SIM card kit for $10 but yet to install / currently swapping sim between the phone and my usb dongle that i normally use with my netbook
  • some web content is formatted for mobile screens, things look a bit different

It's been a long time since my first smart phone, the Motorola A920, c2004.