Huawei IDEOS X5

Yesterday I went to DSE and upgraded my phone from Huawei U8230 (android 2.1) to the IDEOS X5 aka Huawei U8800 (android 2.2).

This is my proud second android, and it's pretty awesome.

I will update this post later.

photos link


  • if the phone speaker stops working then turn off, remove battery for a minute, turn on. it should start working again (link)
  • Friday, June 03 2011 :: Yesterday I accidentally discovered that now I have a WIFI hotspot, like those "MI-FI" modems selling for around $100. The feature must have come across with a recent system update. This compliments the pre-existing USB tether feature. I am now considering ditching my 3G USB modem dongle in favour of the hotspot -- fewer gadgets, fewer internet access costs, albeit greater dependence on the phone but such is life.
  • audio plug pinouts -- 3.5mm plug, TRRS (tip ring ring sleeve), T=left R1=right R2=mic S=ground -- multi-meter proof: T to S 32ohm, R1 to S 32ohm, T to R1 62ohms, R2 to S = 2ohms when mic button pressed -- full function is not compatible with iphone headset, because it has RS and S switched


  • this phone went to Ed