Samsung Galaxy S2

It is not often that one get his own xmas present, but about a week ago my ebay delivery came through. I am now the proud but not too proud operator of a Samsung Galaxy S II. It set me back about $550ish which I think is good, but more costly than any handset that I had recently.

This post, like the others tagged with my, is again a place holder for notes relating the the equipment. So here is what I know:

  • At low screen brightness, the center part of the screen looks like it has a smuge, like a cloud of semi conforming pixels. My friend with an unrelated galaxy s2 has the same situation. So I guess it is normal -- also I don't care.
  • The handset is a dream to use.
  • Skype video calls are awesome; you can switch between forward or backward cameras.


Did you buy an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 or is it a locked phone ?