ASUS Nexus 7

REVISION :: 2012 12 01
A few weeks later there was an accident. So I had to order another one, this time from Kogan, the 8gb version for less money, which is kinda good!

Thu 15 Nov 2012
Received Android 4.2 upgrade

REVISION 16 Sep 2014 :: 

As time went on there were other android upgrades over the air. The last one was 4.4 point something.

Yesterday I managed to crack the screen, while the tablet was in my bag. The crack was half way across the screen. Consequently the upper half had become unresponsive to touch commands. Today I also noticed that the touchscreen was getting a muddled phantom signal, with a few icons jumping around. I used the Android Device Manager remote erase feature to format the machine, then proceed to destroy it by smashing the screen and removing the battery to make it unusable in any case, just as a security precaution.

2012 08 15 to 2014 09 16

On the upside, I am happy to be back to only 2 devices, this tablet had become quite sluggish over time. Two years was a good run.