Reid Griffon bike

I am up to my second new bike for 2012. This time it is the Reid Griffon -- single speed.

This acquisition is a recovery from the Condor that was liberated from the front of the house. I do concede that one should always lock one's bike, and not just leaving it based on wishful thinking.

Anyway, this is my first single speed bike since when I was a kid, and I love it! My initial concern was that the gearing would not let me get up any hills, but that myth was soon busted. It goes up and down all streets just fine, with the exception of a few steep ramps and other outliers. In practice, the single speed performs just fine all around Sydney and the greater metro. But if you want a fast road bike then, well, this is not for you.

With minimalism sensibilities I had to remove most of the original reflectors, stickers, and bell.

So yes as a matter of fact my current bike is a single speed --  Reid Griffon. I had my first single speed when I was 6, so at 40 it has been a while.

There is not much to say about it other than I love it. I think Reid Cycles are more like a public service than a business model, as I got the Griffon for 199AUD, which is quite modest in the context for a new fun bike.

I had to do some adjustments:

1) uninstalled wheel and front and back reflectors
2) installed ebay frog lights on the hubs
3) uninstalled excessive branding stickers off the frame
4) oddly, I had to tighten the tension on some of the spokes after figuring out the cause of some clicking noises coming from one of the wheels -- tune it like a string instrument, by sound by plucking it, and adjusting it with some pliers
5) installed a laminated business card in the spokes for shameless self promotion, but who doesn't?


    11 Dec 2018

    Bike got stolen overnight. Rats! The new tires must have made it irresistible.

    13 Aug 2012 TO 11 Dec 2018
    2311 days