Acer Aspire One D270 netbook

I had to get another netbook, via Officeworks. Like 2 netbooks back, this is another Acer Aspire One (AAO). This time with an Atom a N2600 and 6 cell battery.

I had to fight with the machine to change the spec: 1gb to 2gb DDR3 (from the previous machine), 320gb HDD to 32gb SSD (from 2 machines back). I had to fight to get the door open (remove keyboard, undo screws label Door only, pry the door open). It runs Ubuntu 12.04 just fine out of the box.

The previous machine, Asus EeePc, had a failing keyboard. The new machine also has a good sized right shift key, and generally a nice feeling keyboard.

Good buy.

Getting inside:

1) Pry the keyboard from the top edge, using a thin blade knife perhaps. I used a small flat head screw driver but it was a bit too thick for the task.

2) Undo the ribbon cable from the chassis by prying the black edge of the connector upward.

3) Undo all the screws that are labelled Door -- I don't remember how many there were. There is no need to undo any other screws.

4) Pry the under door off. This will be tricky as there are many plastic snap catches along the way. It may take a while. If you removed all the Door screws in the previous step then this is quite safe. Some tiny plastic bits broke off on me in this step but of no consequence. This machine is not designed to be user serviceable in this area.

5) Change the DDR3 module. The limit is still 2gb! If you use anything more, it will not boot! I learned this the hard way with my previous netbook and a 4gb module.

6) Change the HDD. There are no screws holding it in place, only foam bits. The socket is on a short cable.

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