mini vs micro bike pump

I am annoyed that there is no user friendly way to get a spare part for my bike pump. I am referring to the twisty nut part that is used to swap the valve interface at the business end of the pump.

Said that, the occasion gave me an excuse purchase a new pump, smaller than the one before, via ebay hence for cheap.

But I mean really, should one bother the global supply chain system about a small non essential part, to do with a $12 complete gadget? I think not, for a volume of reasons. And the upgrade does make my life easier and more happily enjoyed.

The following, in order are:
  1. pen, for size reference
  2. new pump, the compact Giyo GM-42 Pocket Mini Pump W/Lockable Handle
  3. old pump with the missing front bit, Giyo GP-09 Alum Mini Pump W/T Handle
[btw, the missing front bit was later found at the bottom of my bag -- who would have thought]