Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Carriageworks 2013

Was gonna get a coffee at Carriageworks but this got in the way, #MBFashionWeek

Outside, photographers shot diligently, hoping to score a nugget that might spill over their way (including this one). Alas it looked mostly like another I-shoot-you-you-shoot-me hardware and ragware show covered with tourists taking snaps (yes, being mean about it does lift my mood, so I recommend it highly -- and besides, it's true, all these "photogs" had the original strap in perfect condition on their super shiny "gear" -- which reminds that I need to get a new marker to redo the cover up to all the yellow on mine still seeping through). Then again I didn't hang around for any black swans, which may or may not have come and gone. I can only guess how wonderful life must have been on the inside.

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