Christian Boltanski Chance at Carriageworks

The year can't start without something big, and the Christian Boltanski at Carriageworks certainly fits that category.

They say that the Chance installation is interactive, and I concur. You certainly take your time walking around it and exploring the various details, visuals and technical execution. I'll see if I can describe it in my own words: a lot of scaffolding, a giant rolling tape of morbid babies, a green counter hinting that something good happens, a red counter with about a 50% ratio to the green counter hinting that also bad things happen as if by aggregate Chance, etc. It looks like a printing press.

The party was good also.

Christian Boltanski
artist: Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski

I was eager to catch up with some of my crew, but they showed up in dribs and drabs, ultimately missing them, but for Sean and Michael. Rob? Ian? Michael T? Thankfully I had free beers and my camera to keep me occupied. OK, I've seen enough well to do arty types. What better way to exit an event than riding off into the sunset.