Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DIY Bang Olufsen BO HIFI AUX DIN socket to 3.5mm stereo TRS mod

Recently an old Bang Olufsen system found it's way onto my desk. No doubt it will end up in landfill like all the others, but for now it will serve me as a desktop speaker, for the pleasure of enjoying music. BeoSound Century.

The problem to overcome was how to connect the phone to it, as the old system does not provide any contemporary connectors. But it does have a 7 pin DIN socket and an AUX button, and so with a bit of experimenting, I quickly found where to poke my audio wires.  With a bit of blutek to keep things in place at the back, it does the job for now.

Here are the pins:

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The other day I discovered yet another way to give my CPU a good thrashing. When working in vector graphic paths, one obscure effect is Fractalise -- it adds nodes to your line vectors and randomizes their placement more or less. You can have a crazy time with the effect and quickly generate some impressive looking nebulae. A subsequent expectation is that you can edit the nodes, which is normally a simple thing to imagine and do. The downfall comes when you have thousands and thousands of nodes. We can only guess what happens inside the machine as they all load into the editor, but as you are burning up time there is a point when you just have to cut your losses and stop further development. The graphic here illustrates the steps, with a much more modestly sized version of such a nebula. The smoke-like effect was originally intended to embellish a logo mockup for a pitch, but it was probably better off without the fuss anyway.

Friday, January 08, 2016

2016Q1 resolutions


DONE delete/unsub all social, instagram, plus, youtube, theloop. keep linkedin, keep blogs [ left most content as too much work to delete 100s of items individually, leaving content and platform to go stale ] [revision, reactivated instagram, but not looking at it] -- mostly undone
DONE sunset notnewman [ tabs removed, cut down to blog; to not renew domain; delete pricing and contact, revert blog to blogspot, remove pricing ] -- mostly undone
DONE keep twitter as industry social