The other day I discovered yet another way to give my CPU a good thrashing. When working in vector graphic paths, one obscure effect is Fractalise -- it adds nodes to your line vectors and randomizes their placement more or less. You can have a crazy time with the effect and quickly generate some impressive looking nebulae. A subsequent expectation is that you can edit the nodes, which is normally a simple thing to imagine and do. The downfall comes when you have thousands and thousands of nodes. We can only guess what happens inside the machine as they all load into the editor, but as you are burning up time there is a point when you just have to cut your losses and stop further development. The graphic here illustrates the steps, with a much more modestly sized version of such a nebula. The smoke-like effect was originally intended to embellish a logo mockup for a pitch, but it was probably better off without the fuss anyway.