Hyundai i30 2016 odd tick tick sound noise

This is regarding our new 2016 Hyundai i30 presenting an odd tick tick noise sound around the console behind the engine when accelerating (see clip).

It was perfect when we got it.

At one month since we got the car, we had the prescribed 1 month service. When I drove it out of service, it started making a ticking sound around the console. On the road it seemed random, intermittent, very subtle, momentarily when accelerating, and then it goes away. It sounds a bit like running your fingernail over metal fins. It does not seem like a problem in the general scheme of life but it bugs me a bit.

At one month and a week, I paid a visit to the service office for advice, but my vague description of this at the time seemed unhelpful and so I opted to just leave it until the next service. Ideally the symptom would have sorted itself out by then if it is just a case new parts and fluids needing time to be adjust. I also tried to communicate this at two other points of contact initiated by Hyundai, via an SMS service rating (gave 10/10 and mentioned the noise) and via a phone satisfaction followup (when I also mentioned this).

At two months (today), I googled for this issue but the results were not helpful so far. I found a few youtube videos of people documenting other noise sounds. Then I thought to RECORD my noise it while safely parked!

For all I know this may be common issue and simple to explain by an expert.

Today there doesn't seem to be a link to a supported forum or wiki via or . But I found these:

Forum .


Message Hyundai

I hope that this post is found useful to people with the same issue, and will update with any new info.