Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ummarin Thai Restaurant

Third time's a charm! That is, this time would be the third approach that we had at Ummarin, and we finally got lucky. Also it did not hurt to call in a booking in advance, with Valentine's Day being a cause for general restaurant table shortage everywhere. We ordered from a very class vegan menu, of course.

Ummarin Thai Restaurant
66 Perouse Rd, Randwick Sydney NSW
Rating: n/a

  • Vegan Satay Skewers
  • Vegan Nuggets

  • Basil Noodle 
  • Vegan Chilli Basil Stirfry
  • Rice

    two cloned meshes w subdivide random select up

    Normally it might take 1 to 10 seconds to render a frame. This one took about 10 hours, in 4K mind you.

    The beginnings looked more simple.

    Orthographic vs Perspective

    Quick Recap:

    • Orthographic is an *orthodox* projection where the front is projected to the back along parrallel lines, without distortion due to perspective
    • Perspective projection applies vanishing points, like when looking down a long road that appears to taper towards the horizon as it vanishes



    Monday, February 13, 2017

    mesh node random select

    I had a simple idea, and set out to do a quick render of a toroidal pseudo space station against the backdrop of a pseudo star field. The stars were going to be generated with an Icosphere that had some vertices removed, roughly Tab>Select>Random>X. I probably got 90 per cent of the concept done with 30 minutes, but then took far too many hours to fine tune the design.

    The star field envelops the station slightly, in case I decided to pan the camera around the core of the station so that there would always be some stars in the background. Note2self: find a better way to make a pseudo galaxy.

    Also I had a go at random select deformations earlier.

    Three cloned meshes, two lights; the yellow mesh is rendered as Halo

    Two cloned meshes; one rendered as a wireframe; the deformation movement was vertical and radial.

    Two cloned meshes 180 rotation of each for symmetry, in BW or Grey.