holiday feeds

These are some of our foodie experiences from Melbourne and Hobart.

1) First at Melbourne, after a long walk we dropped into super normal, a favorite Japanese fusion place. Accessed via street level where you would expect a car park. Styling is architectural. Service seems to be collage grads and actors. Lunchtime patrons are mostly suits. The value is upper affordable. I had some kind of a delicious seaweed fungus tofu combo.

2) Next food grub van fitzroy. Access is via an empty lot, sort of. You walk in and see a 1960s style silver camping trailer, astroturf, menus in an old open fridge, a perimeter that resembles a herb garden, and a mishmash of details go on. There is an outside and an inside. My breakfast had a roasted eggplant and fried cauliflower with chickpeas, and for lunch an avo smash.

3) An obligatory local look around on the rooftop at naked for satan, for a beer and salad. Also checkout their wall pron.

4) Just off main street and maintaining the local look with a graffiti exterior, is an old garage that contains transformer fitzroy. Inside is a sophisticated atmosphere, serving contemporary fusion food. We opted for the multi-course feed-me experience.

5) The source at mona is where we went for a special lunch. I had a risotto, the best in all of my life.