Thursday, May 04, 2017

greeting card

Wanted to make a downloadable greeting card that can be printed from a PDF file. The cover design comes from previous projects.

The output is a blank card, to be printed with a color laser printer on good quality card paper, then folded.



Monday, May 01, 2017


Aldi xfinity plus 20V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery PT166213302 5irn19/65 2Ah 40Wh teardown

I purchased one of these multi-tool batteries out of curiosity. The moonshot aim is to adapt the pack to operate my laptop, but that's gonna have to wait. In the mean time I had a look inside.

The pack contains 5x Samsung 18650 batteries, which is wonderful because they are quite versatile.

The 20V format also means 18V, depending on manufacturer probably. The voltage varies between full charge and full discharge, but should be somewhere around 5*3.7V or 18.5V on average.

Interestingly, the charger outputs 12V and connects to the thrid pin on the battery pack.

The battery outputs 20V (+).

BTW, Li battery nominal 3.7V x 5 cells ~= 18.5V.

The T pin that battery and charger I presume is for temperature safety monitoring.

23 June 2017
Found new applications for the battery pack:

1) Portable speaker with d class amplifier module

2) Laptop power. The starting full charge was 20.5V. About 3 hours later power to the laptop was lost in the usual manner, with a remaining charge at 16.8V.

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