GTX 1050 GPU upgrade

So the dude upgraded his GPU, from basic to mid-rage. This investment was to get usable Blender Cycles rendering, and certainly not for fun and games.

Post upgrade I noticed a big increased idle power consumption. It went from about 50W (on the basic GPU) to about 100W after the upgraded to the GTX 1050 card. Such is life.

Well, I just figured out that if you pull the plugs or otherwise disable in Settings/Display all but the main monitor, then the power usage goes down nicely.

BTW, I started monitoring my power with the SONOFF POW module.

Photos: new card and three monitor desktop config

Screenshot: 92W, 3 monitors connected, 1 monitor in use.

Screenshot: 67W, 3 monitors connected, 1 monitor in use, 2 monitors disabled.