Sonoff internet of things begins here

Started to learn the Internet Of Things (iot). Hoping to get to a point where Google Assistant is useful rather than a novelty as is now. I got my toes wet with Power POW (power meter) and SONOFF Basic modules, and later got a handful more of the Basic modules. Installation and setup is not hard, but it takes a bit of work.

The SONOFF POW is installed on my desk, and feeds into a few power boards running my desk gadgets and PC. An unexpected benefit is when I leave the PC to render something overnight or over a weekend, I can check up on it by looking at the power consumption. A reading of ~120W means still working, otherwise ~50W means that it's completed, and I can switch the whole thing off remotely.

The SONOFF Basic modules are installed to operates lights at home -- living, bedroom and kitchen. When returning home at night, it is nice to have the lights On before walking in through the door, instead of the typical mad rush in the dark. The dream is that Google Assistant will do all that automatically.