Google Home Mini

At last we got Google Home.

A year ago the original Google Home came out. This year, 2017, the Google Home Mini come out, for about 3 times the price of its predecessor. The Mini was released into the wild for about $80 AUD. A few weeks later and running up to xmas, it started to get discounted. My order was placed 28 November via Kogan for $75 AUD. So it looks like the pricing is a bit flexible.

Now the house has AI, and plays music. It also operates the lights (living, bedroom, kitchen) via SONOFF (more IOT).

OK Google what is the Internet of things?

Update: 18 Dec 2017 --

This gadget is proving to be rather good. I desperately want more, for the other rooms. Fortunately, several days ago the discounting continued. This time I got another one via Officeworks for $53. If the discounting continues at this rate then we may have to get even more (for the kitchen perhaps).

Update: 31 Dec 2017 --

Yep. Got the third one. So we have living, kitchen, bedroom.