badideas 2018

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2018
  • me like
  • el oh el sad face smiley face oh em gee
  • What does six fingers in the hole mean?
  • This is a sales issue. You need to sell more confidence and wins.
  • You can do anything, with confidence, until you get punched in the face -- M.Tyson
  • I feel as if immersed in excrement of considerable depth
  • Dry ice is cold as ice, and dry
  • STORY: The New Yorker in Surry Hills. Top bun. Smashed avo. Bike
  • Take anything and find value in it.
  • This is a vehicle, it gets us from A to B, and also gives us something to learn about
  • This is a prediction machine, for decisions and action
  • I make your own luck by interacting with more opportunities
  • I rejuvenate your old code
  • Call me Peter Von Poopen-Hozen. I just pooped my pants!
  • 2018: AI everything
  • Sydney is coming, to Sydney
  • Step aside while I speak my thoughts which by strict convention cannot be heard -- Robert Greene
  • Think yourself as an onion, and you become an onion. Think yourself as a King, and you become a King. #inspiration
  • Prance like it's your birthday
  • Noted: When there's a finger pointing at the moon, don't focus on the finger


4 types of workers, by Jeff DeGraff:

Central questionIs it ethicalIs it beautifulIs it valuableIs it functional
Experience of timenaturaleternalmanmadesequential
Experience of spacebalancedintegratedalignedstructured
Experience of energygatheringexpandingpursuingfocusing
What they seekharmonytranscendencepowerperfection
How they seek itreflectionexperimentationchallengesobservation
What they valueintegritynoveltywinningstandards
How they learndialogsynthesiscompetitionanalysis
How they createvaluesvisionsgoalsprocess
Meetings- groupthink
- irrational enthusiasm
- isolation from external pressures
- unrealistic vision
- poor methodology
- lack of discipline
-over emphasis on competition
- short term focus
- autocratic decision making
- professionalism and experience
- scientific thinking
- right way and wrong way thinking

Principles, by Ray Dalio:

On protocols, processes, dispute resolution...

1) Real meritocracy: radical truthfulness (cards on the table), radical transparency (trust and learning via nothing hidden), the organisation is learning via open debates, processes and codified outcomes

2) The process: 1 Goals, 2 Problems, 3 Diagnosis, 4 Design, 5 Doing

3) Be an independent thinker: 1 Idea meritocracy, 2 Systematised decisions, 3 Success, 4 Failure, 5 Learning, 6 Happy clients

4) Meritocracy: 1 put your honest thoughts on the table, 2 play the art of thoughtful disagreement and discovery not anger and not be stuck with wrong opinions in your head, 3 follow a protocol for getting past disagreements, 4 make better decisions collectively

5) Know others and know yourself by being informed about your own strengths and weakness from others. Use a tech like a dot collector to see your thinking among others thinking

6) Old world mind sets that it is all in my head. Closed decision making is time efficient, a very common driver, and mitigates time sensitive consequences. Everybody has the right and obligation to understand things and make sense. Codify decision processes to problem taxonomy for future encounters. Individually people have weakness gaps, but a mixed group has coverage for individual gaps. Shift from knowing that I'm right, to bringing up a framework for testing how do I know I'm right. Classify everything as just another one of those. Ray does transcendental meditation, empty your mind via a mantra and in the next moment you will notice background ideas. Believable-ity weighted decision making. Collect and codify important thoughts.


Artworker work:
  • design messages
  • youtube or it didn't happen
  • ecommerce funnel everything, speculatively
  • pitch w presentations;
  • identify clients that you want to work with
  • create draft branding concepts: logo, website, packaging, social program
  • 23andme -- I am totally dependent on my customer participation, and therefore trust -- Anne Wojcicki - DONE
  • do a material series, starting with concrete
  • tripod skate on wheels to rotate around subject, 2 wheels fixed, third wheel follow
  • look into that mindful stuff, transcendental meditation, interrupt and attenuate the normal thought stream for background ideas to become visible, and look into that two brain thing
  • LED strip portraits - DONE, works great
  • HDR for real estate with outside outlook, 2 RAW shot, 1) first shot expose for indoor then curve over expose outside and clean up, as layer 1 with Screen, 2) second shot expose for outdoors, as layer 2
  • Lo Index Words (for naming, sans ney re SEO): nayifroopchu, naymrfroops, nayalogoftoast, nayixatoaster, naytotoastandbeyond, nayaproposthetoast
  • For fast portraits: up the contrast and desaturate a bit
  • Criteria: share for maximum uptake via minimising barriers to access and Communication
  • the best ads are jokes
  • Connectivity is a problem. Like a building emergency protocol, or even a social bulletin board.
  • for Social campaign, if you have overly complicated tools, then revert to shared Sheets
  • make ads for me
  • storytelling website
  • BUILD asset catalogue to build derivatives
  • The Society for the Immediate Abolition of Live Trade
  • If you have a message then, Step 1 become rich so that people pay attention to you, Step 2 go on tour to deliver your message wrapped in your story.
  • We are in an environment of economic stagnation because our system is structured to produce it. It benefits centralised systems. One of the byproducts is a pool of highly available compliant cheap labour. The pool consists of the long term under-employed with no reserves, the financially committed with a mortgage and essentially a fixed income, or otherwise those whose wealth is not resilient and therefore must work constantly to survive. The beneficiaries are everyone else in the remaining so called one per cent, system operators whose survival depends on deriving benefits from this structure, and system users who rely on cheap goods and services.