Ryzen 2700 upgrade

Less than a year ago marked my comeback to a desktop PC. I picked AMD Ryzen as my CPU platform because it was trending so hard that it was a clear choice. Today was the day when Ryzen v2 was released, so I went to MSY and quickly got one. That was the easy part.

The installation was a bit problematic. After a good amount of google research and trying different ideas, the solution was mostly simple. The motherboard BIOS / UEFI had to be upgraded to the latest version, in tiny steps (mostly version by version), to bring it up the the latest version. And only then, was the motherboard ready to have the new CPU plugged in.

Migrating from Ryzen 1200 (3.4Ghz/4 Core/10M/65W) to Ryzen 2700 (4.10Ghz/8 Core/20M/65W) brings performance improvements, of course. I rendered a reference scene before and after. The Before render time before was 351 seconds. The After time was 105 seconds. That's a 3.3x boost!