Mi 70mai dashcam review

The Xiaomi 70mai is a bit more expensive than many cheaper cousins, but as a forward facing dashcam consider this an investment. The quality sensor and chipset deliver excellent FHD video. The app is very similar to other contemporary WIFI cameras and simple to use. BTW, my rearward facing car camera is a cheapie and so I was able to compare the two. For average users I would recommend getting matching front and back units, to simplify usability and match the video format, and for this reason I recommend getting two Xiaomi 70. With my driving pattern, I seem to get about 5 days of video on a 32GB card. Remember to use at least a Class 10 memory card, else anything less may drop frames and cause jerky video. Transferring video files to you laptop/desktop is best done by removing the card from the camera and copying files from the card directly, as if you try it via the app over WIFI it will be a slow experience. The voice prompts seem to be in Chinese only.

My generic rearward camera looks similar to the front one, records acceptable HD video in daylight, and costs about one third the price.

Now if I could only work out how to avoid getting an air bubble under the between the glass and the mounting bracket.

Technically these are not IOT devices, but I look forward to a time when the humble dashcam gains ONVIF IP webcam capability, always recording and always accessible.