Great contact lenses

Took out my contact lenses and discarded them today. I have been using the same set from 20050525 until now 20061214, almost 7 months. This is amazing because the product is designated to be used for only 1 month! I got a bit extra out of them for sure. The reason why I decided to break the prescribed rule is because there had not been any problem or sign of any ill or discomfort whatsoever. In the past I would noticed some degradation of the lens, like hardening or a chip, but this time there was nothing of the kind. Right now I will will be using my old spectacles for a change, figuring on giving the eyeballs some rest.

I am currently using Bausch and Lomb PureVision balafilcon A (whatever that means). Fantastic product. Zero maintenance. Just pop them in and leave them alone. I used to use Clean and Blink cleaning and lubricating drops daily, but there was a contamination scare earlier this year so I stopped using that product and never got back to it. So for the duration of this past 7 months I pretty much did zero amount of maintenance to the lenses, leaving them in my eyes 24/7. I would recommend the PureVision to any bespectacled geek. The convenience and value is life changing.