Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn!

Got Ubuntu 7.04, but only on the third attempt. The first download attempt died at 200Mb. The second at 300Mb, and probably because my PC went to sleep after one hour. The third and finally successful was via torrent, where I figured that the download was better managed than a simple browser download for such a large file (640Mb).

Anyway, it's all go now. Installed it onto my thumbdrive as before. Uninstalled OpenOffice.org, Evolution, and a handful of other apps. Installed Skype, Flash, VLC, Abi, gNumeric, and Audacity immediately after.

A small bonus surprise in the settings was the wobbly windows and 3D cube, Beryl style, that I was anticipating since videos of it showed up on youtube last year. It is easy now: menu, preferences, desktop effects, with the options being enable, wobbly windows, and cube. It does have a warning before you enable this feature that it is experimental. I can see the desktop working less than perfectly but I am willing to live with it for the novelty of it all.

F-spot finally uploads to Picasa Web Albums. In the previous version this feature was crashing. Now that it works it is very useful for uploading multiple photos from your desktop to the web. If uploading without F-spot and just using the web interface, one must browse for each file to upload. Now I can just select the thumbnails I want and export.