local council election

> friend

> friend, from before but suddenly posted to blogger

[Today was one long tired day, though this photo does not show the full impact that was to be had later. My electoral official duties are officially over. ugh.]


fergusnoodle said…
Hello you will have to add me on Facebook your name is too generic! Though according to your blog you don't use Faceyb anymore. Anyway my name is less generic - Shara Turner - so it should be easy to find.
Bob said…
yeah,...to that post I just added this bit to clarify this inconsistency [Revision 20080914: couple of weeks ago I opted back in, on some brainwave that told me that I need to see what goes on inside the closed network. So I'm back in, but with a minimal profile.]
rogue satine said…
I made it into the blog comment! Noice. You look very tired Bobo.
Bob said…
Look very tired? This photo was taken early morning!