badideas 2009

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2009
  • I could not foresee how I would spend my time between 2009 and 2017 -- it was inconceivable. Especially from the 2017 point of view, reading back to 2009, and editing a lot, down to such a small keepsake.
  • On protests: To responsibly and non destructively mitigate civil protest crowds, gas them with weed.
  • IS: As light from all over the universe passes Earth, not all but a lot. Hence, a lot of information passes our modest vantage point that it is observable. 
  • On a waterless shower: Vaporize oil and sweat residue from the skin with a shot of steam or directed localized infrared heat light while blowing the vapor away with high speed air. When water supply is limited, heavy to carry (like on a plane or RV).
  • IS: Self-worm, where the worm is a person spanning space-time over a lifetime. These self-worms are now longer than ever because of increased life spans. Also because of faster travel, where points in time segments span more distance and information encountered. Also via information input from the web and media, where we might be effectively living more than one lifetime vicariously, by being exposed to other person's experiences, and even non persons (even abstractions) via information that describes experience. The brain's exposure to more than one lifetime of information, and via more than own person is effectively lengthening the self-worm.