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Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2012
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    • The title Urban Douchebag sounds mainstream at this point; how about Hipster Taliban?
    • On groups: Do groups whose member prefer the same type of music work better than mixed groups?
    • AI: The cursor. The cursor corresponds to what you are thinking, along a timeline, like there is a little person inside your head talking and directing your thoughts. The cursor has to do with dialog, and internal vocalization does that. So the brain centers that make up the reception of sound, parsed into language, before connecting to concepts, is where the cursor would occur. It is singular. It collapses all concurrent thoughts into a real-time single stream, discarding anything not intense enough to be integrated. Incidentally this kind of a mechanism would mirror the external self, with limited attention, needing to operate in real-time, driving a single body, synthesizing a personal best world view based on all available information whether from memory or senses.
    • On super organisms: Larger means more energy to bend reality. The trending flat-liner video demonstrates how an ant walking on a sheet of paper can only move from A to B by walking across it. If however, a person folds the sheet of paper and enables the ant to go from one area on the surface to another instantly, then this would be to the ant like teleportation. The ant does not have enough energy to do such a feat. Even a colony of ants, with pooled resources cannot do it, as there is not enough energy density and rigidity even if the ants are really close together. By way of a human parallel, it is not surprising that pooled muscle resource of many men are no match for a machine with a high density energy source, like a car engine, to exert the same power as the other by equivalent mass and volume. Efficiency and context is another matter.