Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#instaspam this ttf font

I had to try and make a ttf font, in inkscape, to prove something that I no longer remember. It's not complete, as that would take a lot more time, and the meta is not all there, but you can install it and it works.

How To - Inkscape and Fontforge:
  1. use Inkscape (IS) and Fontforge (FF)
  2. Open FF, click NEW (or open an existing font for a template)
  3. Open IS, change document to 1000px square
  4. Draw a glyph, you can resize it to W:1000 H:1000, remember that glyphis need to be enclosed paths that are capable of being filled
  5. Copy
  6. In FF doubleclick a letter (the character labels are on top of each box)
  7. Paste
  8. Close glyph window
  9. Repeat for any other letters and numbers
  10. Save
  11. To generate a TTF font, click File, Generate Font, select TTF
  12. If saving a mod of an existing font, click Element, Font Info, and update the font name (no spaces or special characters). Without this step you will not be able to install the font as it is already installed.
  13. Open font file and click Install
Alternative - Inkscape and web:
  1. Use Inkscape font editor features to create paths and assign glyphs
  2. Save
  3. Use web converters to generate ttf, or
Alternative - Fontforge only:
  1. Open Fontforge
  2. Take your time and good luck

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