Thursday, December 31, 2015

badideas 2015

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2015

sayit-- (greeting card captions)
  • Paper? Now that's something that I can get really excited about.
  • The artist formally know as Not is currently know as Now.
  • Strategy and synergy, now that's something we can get excited about.
  • Of course a pervert would want to support your sexuality.
  • News people thrive on news terror. Government people thrive on information fear.
  • Here, here is your useless gift, from the Useless Gift Store.
  • Do become somewhat more famous.
  • Coca Cola Chemical Company, if you need to fill for CCCC.
  • Are we provincial? Where is the capital of the world? I suspect not here.
  • On seeking out novelty and pattern, you always wonder if the thing you are looking at is something we have not seen yet, something repeating, or a novel iteration along a lineage.
  • Did I actually get 99 per cent of all that I wanted? Especially on reflection after some time had passed.
  • All last words matter.
  • OhDearGodNoWhyWellOk
  • Are the stars intelligent systems, communicating information at each other with light and gravity, making up a vast brain like network, experiencing each other's consequences? It exhibits networking, metabolism, complexity, birth aging and death, so it is plausible.
  • It may be simpler to just get on with your job when you don't give a dam about it.
  • Brand Campaign Iconography
  • It's appropriate to steal good things.
  • Job Title: Creative Game-Changer Strategist at the The Lazy Worker biweekly
  • Human Newman
  • The horse armies were WMDs in a bygone time.
  • Use the boogiemen to externalize blame and monopolize access to a favorable prophetic policy. 
  • Mate, don't get me wrong. It's not like your idea sounds like it was hatched by a bumpkin, but it don't come across like it's sophisticated and well polished. Does it?
  • Job ads are like money bags, each of them, that's why we look at job ad listings regularly, just in case there is a bag of money that we can grab.
  • It's called Art. Look it up.
    It's called Fashion. Look it up.
  • Under stress, you don't see abundance everywhere.
  • I can help you with your project, but only if your project is boring and of a low standard, then I can help you a lot; that would have the highest marginal gain.
  • Ikea: things that look like other things
  • LATCB look at that cocky bastard
  • Now go and design your guts out.
  • I think he's a dabbler.
  • How did we get stuck here in this dream?
  • Trending #bbb  bogans banning bali. LOL.
  • FREEDOM: corporate freedom, free to express internal policy within an external environment of reigning multinational political systems biased by belief systems, backroom politics, coalitions, and deal making
  • Are you from the Old World? Or the New World?
  • STAGES of editing a photo set: denial, self loathing, activity substituting for ideas, considering offering a refund and a promise to rethink one's life and other non sequiturs, acceptance of it being what it is, and some kind of recovery
  • OhDearGodNoWhy
  • Position Title: Head of gift horse trading
  • WWID: What Would I Do?
  • When you have so much skilled fire power, you don't dabble, you unleash. Genghis Khan did not dabble, and neither should you.
  • Are you a wizard, with your powers increasing exponentially? What do you call when your power is declining exponentially, asymptotic, never quite reaching zero, because that's what I think I have.
  • Two variables are like a two cat problem.
  • If you want to loose someone's unwanted interest, just ask "Look here you idiot, do you see where this is going?" from the safety of your telephone.
  • Dog pic caption: Look. All your clothes neatly folded. I folded them.
badidea --
  • On modern survival: A view on the minimal essentials for everyone in current society to survive and contribute are: [safety] + [water, food] + [android power wifi] 
  • On printed exhibitions: Within a photography exhibition, all individual works seem grossly overpriced. The artist would be lucky if the proceeds from a few sold pieces covered the production costs of the entire exhibition. Production can be incredibly expensive. It would seem to be all about printing and mounting, and if that is the bulk of the costs then one should rethink exhibitions. If the production costs per unit are equivalent to a 4K TV, but all you get is paper, framing and fussing, then maybe you should reconsider printed venture. Normally the large poster format is mass produced because it is cheap, but the exhibition print turns that idea on its head.
  • On the difference between intelligent life and parasitic life is to do with a development continuum. An organism will start as a parasite that is engulfed by a host environment. Some versions of it will be naturally selected as thriving and the transition will begin. The one that is successful enough will become clearly intelligent. Its transition will be complete when it engulfs its environment, and ends up controlling every aspect of it.
  • On memory laws: An oppressive legal framework is commonly applied to control or remove collective memory from a culture. When used, it can push the memory of an activity underground and away from causing current problems, which favors the incumbent ruling elites. No activity for now is the best possible result, unless a power handover is taking place and your side is winning, then now is the best possible result and the repressed cultural memory can be used to mobilize people in favor of the prospective elite.
  • On VR vertigo training, that feeling of fear that makes you recoil. But if you do the opposite, and rush into it. Then it might feel like a rush of power or a moment of zen. When you are falling from a cliff or a building, to your end with maximum terror, repeat the experience until you get good at it and it starts to work for you. Your sense of time will slow and the moment will dilate. The training may unlock something new that we have not seen yet.
  • ad-script: ad campaign with corporate looking ads covered with graffiti doodles and other art.
  • On food: loafs, for sandwich making, like bread loaf, savory loaf, crispy vegetable loaf, making a sandwich from slice combinations, available with slicing dispensers.
  • On schooling: Solving one's own problems is the single biggest challenge in life for everyone. Schooling had mislead parents and children to believe that an upbringing of spoon fed learning leads to good outcomes, and forms the best foundation of that person's future earnings and viability. This view causes a problem.  Where everyone is prepared to do more or less the same thing and there is a general oversupply of every subcategory of equally capable workers, in an economic climate of jobless recoveries at best but otherwise long term stagnation, what results is aggregate underemployment with cumulative effects. A manifestation is dysfunctional stress and helplessness for people because household economic pressures are persistent regardless a person's ability to be self sufficient. A solution to anything will never be found if it is looked for in the wrong place and under wrong assumptions, regardless of the amount of effort and wishful thinking that is expended on a hopeless search, simply because it is not there to be found. Macro economic investigation and policy interventions don't seem to offer anything like robust practical hope in this area, even after well over a century of ideas coming from across the whole globe. However, there is an alternative model where we regularly find pockets of froth and successful innovation, and one does not have to go far to see it -- that's the micro economic level where business operate. The bright supernovae of success are multinational corporations that operate across the globe. Ideas that are worth spreading from this camp have to do with entrepreneurial behavior, which may be boundless and complex, but nonetheless can be adapted for use by individuals. This is not far fetched; individual founders are the commonly seeds that form the humble beginnings of successful businesses, learning and growing, and transfer behaviors to new individuals. Ideas like -- top down thinking, training of K12 and beyond, and waiting to be told what to do -- get us more of the same, that is macro economic stagnation with cumulative loses. This whole conjecture is a mirror with a question asking what have we been doing all this time if self sufficiency is the most vexing problem facing us today.
  • On brand brainstorms: Brands that are two names:, Johnson and Johnson, Ben and Jerry, Dolce Gabbana. Brands that sound like half a sentence: I've Managed A, When I Go For, If Ever There Was. Brands that sound like random adjective noun combos: Imaginary Cognition, Flattery Orange, Lightning Fascinator. Brands that sound like shortened words: Likr, Sitr, Styrr. Brands that sound normal: Standard Procedures, Regulation Food, Good Choice. Brands that sound like tacky race horses: No Shame Today, Do It For ROFL, This What You Want. Brands that sound like common sense: Creative Productions, Group Synergy, Total Sense. Brands that sound masculine tools: Total Power, Extreme Speed, Heavy Duty. Brands that sound subtle but intriguing: Natural Spirit, Alluring Zest, Mystic Dreams. Brands that sound lazy but spammy: AAA Results, Aardvark Ark, Xzoxz.
  • movie-script: Spam and Denial of Service Attacks; urban youths like Anonymous acting like fast connected zombies swarms, controlled by ISIS; discovered to have just one directive, to overwhelm available resources, setting fire to everything, water becomes the ultimate weapon to neutralize them, but there is a climate change drought, also big industry take all and vault it underground; a dance craze that overtakes everyone's interest.
  • On a black box recorder: Record sensor data, for cars/plant/property/person; box owned by the insurance company or third party, crypto secured for forensic evidence quality, but copy enabled. With app and sync.
  • On private profit vs public profit: Private, is taking from you by fooling you all of the time, but have you believe that you are getting a correct optimum via careful advertising. Public, is taking from you by way of political policies to redistribute profits mostly to government employees and related contractors; the rule based body has no true committee consensus only emergence. Users want to feel like savy deciders, picking from choices that inspirationally favor corporate entities. Users are just production units. The system may not be entirely competitive but it is internally adversarial, hence checks itself within it's boundary.
  • DIY: a pack of black straws on the speedlight for less than 1 degree grid
  • DIY: lamp reflector to clock movement
  • ART: Create larger format art sets, cut into pieces, to be distributed to collectors, not to be reassembled without trouble and value appreciation, list of original owners inscribed for tracing, for duplication only on proof that the original was lost.
  • ART: use an art exhibition as backdrops for fashion shoots
  • FASION: paramilitary uniforms black with reflective electric blue trim
  • DIY: Using a clock movement powered by AA for moving art installations; the high torque minute and hour movement can drive anything slowly; apply to moire patterns on cylinders
  • FOOD: Kelp; get it from the sea, cook it, eat it (thanks Ian)
  • SOCIAL: Operate a life blog as a show/tell gallery and a story narrative. Use a pallet to theme it, style it, brand it, and maintain consistent continuity goto ideas, use chapters with season deadlines. In the hope to communicate and handover better. Obviously.
  • LAYOUT: for showing products and objects, whole object, against a material background faded from average-color/white/black
  • PHOTOS: for events, Cam 1) remote tripod on S 1s, prime or wide test, auto iso; Cam 2) auto iso, M S100/s A4.5
  • PHOTOS: Any company should have a brand identity wall for office headshots, soft side light from a window, hard light reflector from the inside.
  • CLOUD: It occurred to me that my internets cannot survive me because the domain needs to be renewed annually, and so much of my stuff is domain branded. this is a problem of sorts.
  • Tandem cameras, one in fast, one in slow, same lens focal length, layered with multiply or overlay.
  • PEOPLE: Why do we trust people with wide emotional gamuts? Because they habitually put themselves in harms way expressing a full range, implying higher than normal honesty to their own risk. If you want to gain trust, reveal something messy and undignified.
  • TOY: a hand puppet with googly eyes, but a ring or a nickle duster.
  • SOCIAL: Post it at arms length to social. Show it as a copy of a newspaper clipping, print out, public toilet shot, zoom shot showing the wording, like it was found in the wild; or a screenshot of an email forwarded many times like it went viral; or a flyer stuck to an agency window, with free tabs, photographed with the agency logo; or a fake screenshot repost, washed against another account, saying thanks lol hashtag job hashtag pinterest; or a photo of a hand holding an old iphone with that on the screen, or a photo of an old crt screen showing that, with a job agency sticker or 4corners watermark on the screen, and a finger pointing in the shot; or any of combo). 
Catch Phrases --
  • Uno
  • Spot
  • penultimate
  • There's no stopin us, NO STOPIN [while driving] 
  • I say
  • Wait
  • Yes yes, very good
  • Dirty bird
  • Zesty like marlin blando
  • n/a

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