Hyundai i30 Android Auto upgrade

The other day I went back to the Suttons City, where we got the car, and upgraded the car software to get Android Auto on the audio console.

First impressions:
  1. Install Android auto on your mobile. Then it opens automatically by connecting the android phone to the car USB via a data cable (not just power cable, and not Bluetooth).
  2. Very simplified controls:

    Navigate (Google Maps only, not Waze);

    Phone (only normal mobile, not Hangouts or Skype etc.);

    Home screen (displays cards like Google Now does);

    Music (Google music, but I believe it works with other services like Spotify but not Soundcloud which is the one I use);

    Car audio back button (give you access to the radio, but you can get back to AA);
  3. Weird and unexpected interim results:

    I seem to be listening to AM talk-shows now which I never would otherwise;

    I don't use my favorite driving app, Waze (with alternative GPS navigation, GPS based speedometer, speed signs, speed over warning, safety camera warning, police presence and traffic incident crowd-sourced reporting, improved accuracy screen orientation, alternative driver focused voice prompts).

    No music (I don't normally play any anyway);

    Much less mobile interaction while stationary (like simple ETA update messages, status bar updates, non-sticky lookups, etc.);

    No incoming calls (in the one interaction so far, the mobile did not ring, instead a missed call message icon appeared)
  4. Interim conclusions:

    I want to give Android Auto a good try and see how it goes;

    I expect software and feature updates on Android Auto as with regular Android (although I don't know if the car software works like an monitor port with data and the smarts are on the mobile which would get regular app updates, or if there are no OTA updates at all);

    I believe that there is a lot of opportunity for improvement here and love to see more features or plugins from the developer ecosystem.

After update (I did not think of taking a before snap to compare)

Revision 17 January 2017:

  • I gotta mention that we have not been using Android Auto much. And, I have to say, it's a bit lame. I still like it to be there, but it's a bit lame.