Monday, January 09, 2017

badideas 2017

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2017

  • bootstrapped as alien
  • Onboarding products, ideas, and profiles into funnels, is all it is
  • Are you slightly mad, more or less mad, or barking mad?
  • pixel perfect or pixel depth perfect
  • I think I am suffering from uncertainty. Can one suffer uncertainty? Is that the same as pain, hunger or homelessness?
  • At last I am recognized for my greatness.
  • Consider the murky cloud of facts, opinions denials, apologies, and lies.
  • When considering a direction there are several options: develop an expertise, remove congestion, or perform a repeatable transformation? Solve that and that's your strategy.
  • Instagram and Twitter is all the social you need.
  • I make dots and doodles
  • I would wake up and spend hours testing inconvenient ideas. One recurring thought experiment would be on affordable habitats. Somewhere, a regional crisis concession will mandate a temporary refugee internment city to get a design reboot. Somewhere, a regional crisis concession will mandate a temporary refugee internment city to get a design reboot. Mimicking hive colonies, a system of modular container blocks and transport buses for executing policy. Seed batches would arrive with policies favoring immediate survival and expansion, hard-coded via available replication resource expiry and selection pressure. Thrive or loose. Some say that's not right like all the other terrible social engineering ideas, others break through, and the apropos change vector joins with Moore's law -- because I would be interested in an interview.
  • Here's the same thing
    Here's the same thing
    Here's the same thing
  • What's your job, make, sell, or support?
  • Suddenly everybody's an expert on fake news and facts.
  • I'm writing by personal Bio, and it reads more like a bio hazard and a clever play on words.
  • So you see.....
  • Now that we got the HOW, WHAT are we going to do with it?
  • Product: chemicals made in a chemical factory, selling to people, as wholesome goodness and aspiration.
  • I need oxygen. A most modest amount of money. So I can exist, and do my work.
  • Get off the grass #lookitup
  • Know as the ladies man #lookitup
  • Twitter Stacking the narrative
  • No need to argue smooth operator
  • Booze impairment is a type of real cognitive impairment
  • Meretricious ... google it ... not to do with merit at all
  • It doesn't hurt. But it burns slightly, but only when I close my eyes. I think it's synesthesia.
  • The tech priesthood grants access to everyday magic.
  • I feel alive by finding a pocket of air in the zeitgeist #mordor
  • As you toil in the labs of Mordor, remember to find some cheer, in the interest of your mental hygiene if nothing else.
  • In case of doubt the mirror is to remind that the sloth of idle years has not gone unpunished.
  • If you could pitch anything to anyone, and they said yes, what would you pitch?
  • How to howto everything.
  • Look at us. We used to be a great team. Now we're washed up. What happened? 
  • I used to be a tropical mermaid. I used to be a dark rainbow unicorn. I used to be an everyday common wizard. I went through a lot of jobs.
  • Toil. I toil.
  • If you wonder how smart your phone is, try being without it for a few weeks and notice the difference. If there is little difference then, You would be better off with a Nokia 8210.
  • The sausage food format is convenient.
  • I shall reserve you a special place among my frienemies.
  • Meat is murder. What as is murder? Murder. Just sayin.
  • Step One : ROFL; Step Two: Profit
  • Time: causality propagation with latency in state transfer across a field, causing waves passing over reference points
  • Should we do Sat Sun workout routines to make up for the rest of the week?
  • Should I get nice A4 card for making greeting cards? I don't have a good printer.
  • On piracy. Content demand inversion is where at which point is there so much content that providers come to you with content and not the other way around. There is a content deluge currently.So if I seek something out, and computer says No you can't have that, I just go down the high priority item down the list. We no longer get to follow our favorite shows, because there is too many of them. Most clips have to go overboard forever, because there will not be enough time to watch them. So we prioritize based on opportunity cost; if I bother to watch one thing then how much available attention is that going to take away from other things that I care about. Clips have to compete for my attention. Everyone has backlogs of their favorite shows and movies they wanted to watch. The most easy to get to and relevant get screen time.
  • Impressive: disproportionate waste of resources like time, space/scale, money, for comparison 
  • Product photography w references like Pomegranate Lines, Avocado, Dragon fruit
  • The justice system as a predatory combinator.
  • #content instagram campaign, weekly triple panel @the_wine_gallery
  • #content two column zigzag w text and illustration
  • youtube personalized filter bubble of VR DJ streams
  • What if rather than immortality, people could just produce copies of themselves of some sort at any point? Good enough?
  • What if rather than immortality of individuals we reconsider it as immortality of a family, where living members are replenished, old school.
  • A lot of hoopla, no sales: category micro-sites: video, plans, specs, db for comparing apples to apples ... - categories: real estate, events, orgs (vineyards, guest houses, ...); use drone rigs as a stable platform, noise issue, helium platform; include 1 click 360, and out of window; db/api vs editorial vs experiential; Storytelling compression
  • Comedy sub-genre: looking inward, going into the darkest depths, and coming up with unnerving but golden observations
  • Battery: OEM 18650 cell market on ebay seems to be full of fakes and unrealistic capacity claims. A better source may be laptop battery packs that don't need to engage in single cell claims because the cells are hidden inside the battery shell. Another source may be garden tool battery packs from Aldi, where the price is correct-ish at about $5 per cell, and you would think that a reputable high volume retailer would deal with good suppliers.
  • #content video clip: urban-scape,  pan rotate, transform into fade out, 3 to 4s
  • On offering choices: You don't have to be any awesome, just better than the other prospects that they already hate.
  • On multinationals; Corporations have asset contracts, people contracts, international bases, and internal motivations. But they don't have armies. However, the wealth of corporations is dwarfed by the wealth of sovereign-states. Nations can be viewed as acting like corporations with conglomerate interests, and large conglomerate corporations can be viewed as small countries. But what of the superpowers? Will corporations ever pose a challenge or an alternative to the model, with ventures into space maybe?
Catch Phrases --
  • I ready
  • Oh it feels nice on my skin
  • winter salad veggie bake
  • Undo
  • Replace booze w running
  • ABG always be generous via Jordan Harbinger
  • aquafava
  • Apple Cider Vinegar #trending
  • The 9 to 5 diet: eat nothing all day, then eat as much as you want for dinner. Have a carrot for breakfast. After dinner drink lite beer as much as you want and still work on the laptop until passing out.
  • chromecasting a tab works in chrome; chromecasting a tab fails in chromium and not listing chrome devices
  • remote desktop sharing in chrome fails except for accessing your own desktop via your android within the same login
  • smug face pepe #trending
  • Sorry, not sorry? #trending
words --
  • quickly
  • vexatious
  • kogel mogel
  • intersectional

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